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I’ve become quite well known as the guy who doesn’t use traditional weights. It’s not entirely true. It doesn’t help though that a cursory glance at my Instagram @gyan_gjlee shows exactly that.

Why do I not talk about using traditional weights? Because it’s boring, and I love excitement, and weights don’t give me that.

I use heavy bags, and bags of cat litter, and pails of water. It’s not a radical new idea. Ancient training methods use things around them as weights, things like stones, logs, their best friend.

PRO TIP: Do not lift your best friend without their permission.

The reason why I like using objects you can find around you is simple — I keep my workouts interesting. Using traditional weights can be a drudgery, and when people feel that, people quit.

Listen, working out needs to be something you look forward to.

Start making working out fun. If you have excess to kids (your own, not a stranger’s, please), add a little fun to their play time by doing shoulder raises, using them as adorable weights. You could do chin ups on a tree branch, bicep curls with pails of water, or squats with a table. Look around you. The world is your playground. It’s fun.

The advantage of using everyday objects is that it keeps the muscles guessing. Everyday objects are not designed to be lifted easily. They don’t come with grips or a calculated centre of gravity. People get “lazy” in their grip when using traditional weights because it is designed for a certain planned usage. Everyday objects allows you to try different grips, different lifts, different movement, all these while trying to find your balance. All these keep your muscles guessing, and develops muscles that may be more practical.

It was a mattress delivery man from China who once told me his training was from his work — lifting mattresses every day, up staircases, loading up trucks. That’s an 80kg wobbly weight right there. It takes all sorts of stabilizing muscles to keep the damn thing steady while he navigates up staircases with it, because some can’t fit in a lift. He is made of muscles.

He’s also a martial artist, and has invited me for a training session. I have not accepted. I would have been dead.

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