Underestimated Effectiveness of 10 Breath YOGA Asana Holds

For most, the thought of yoga practice conjures images of seamlessly switching from one pose to another for one hour or more. While this is enjoyable another effective yoga practice which greatly benefits students is using breath to slow down the practice. This slow yoga practice is effective because holds deepen the asana, allow a better understanding of asana alignment, strengthens muscles and keeps the body fit.

Holding the asana for 10 breaths encourages mental clarity, strengthens the body and builds self esteem.

Grows Mental Clarity

Focusing on counting breath clears your headspace and is a method used to soothe anxiety attacks. Adding yoga yokes the mind and body, allowing for clarity, fitness and positive thoughts to occupy the mind.

Grows Body Strength

Holding the asana for 10 breaths builds muscle strength, keeps you fit and is an easy way to keep your body flexible.

Builds Self Esteem

Repeating a positive mantra during each asana, allows the thought to take hold. Since our thoughts become us and we experience our thoughts we become like what we allow to occupy our minds.

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