The Dad Bod vs. Fit Bod Debate is Stupid, Dishonest, and Hateful


Our collective instinct as a society is to coddle and empower adults with low self-esteem. I, on the other hand, believe the best treatment for these people is to ostracize them from all social situations until they pull their shit together and act like adults.

Why so harsh? Because enabling this self-imposed victimhood results in them taking out their anger and frustrations on innocent people. In this case, certain women lashing out against fit bod guys who did fuck all to them except having the nerve to exist. If any woman — regardless of how she looks — sells herself short on the notion of finding a mate, that’s no one’s fault but hers. Attempting to self-medicate this by accusing all fit bod guys of being assholes does nothing but expose her as the real asshole in the room.

This goes equally for those dad bods who make the same baseless claims against men in better physical shape than them. Are there aesthetically-pleasing men in the world who are total douchebags? Of course. As a longtime male stripper, I’ve encountered more than my share. And I’ve seen those pretty dudes standing at the edge of the dance floor in nightclubs. Sour faced with arms folded. Glaring at all the girls dancing together and having a blast. Thinking to themselves, “Why aren’t those bitches throwing themselves at me? Bunch of fucking lesbians.” It’s a variation on the “nice guy” phenomenon. In this case, “Girls owe me sex for all the work I’ve done in the gym.” Yeah, that’s fucking awful.

But outer and inner beauty are by no means mutually exclusive. There are plenty of men and women with both and just as many without. And there’s no shortage of dad bods droning on about their alleged inner beauty while chasing hot girls solely on aesthetics. It’s a tired cliché of film and television narratives. Ultimately, however, negative stereotypes against any group is no excuse for making preemptive judgments against individuals. We are each entitled to the benefit of the doubt. If someone is indeed an asshole, they will let you know soon enough.

This is where I get upset personally about the debate. Yes, I’m a vain and self-absorbed pretty boy who constantly ogles himself in the mirror. I’ve also devoted my life to treating others as I want to be treated. My self-confidence is generated entirely from within, as I constantly invest in myself. It is not achieved by tearing down others. If anything, I want to spread the wealth with others in the hope they’ll feel better about themselves. On the other side, you can think of me as the anti-Narcissus, as every compliment I receive from any woman never fails to melt my heart. And I make sure they know it. The value of mutual flattery and its positive effects is priceless.

And when my self-esteem has floundered in the past, I practiced what I preached by retreating from social situations until I pulled my shit together like an adult.

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