Dealing With Delays – Paula Farris

I’ve been around children who have had everything handed to them, who have been sheltered from any kind of difficulty or consequence. They are not very pleasant individuals.

Or they can cause us to regress if we choose not to grow.

Or we can turn the results of our consequences into excuses and let them stop us from growing.

Since I have noticed this pattern in my life I have been paying close attention to how I handle delays. About a year ago I injured my knee. I could barely walk for the last half of 2018. I sat around a lot. Not that I worked out before, but I definitely wasn’t going to be working out the way my knee was feeling.

But, I was aware of what was happening. I had planned to start going on daily walks last fall and after I had been walking for a while I was going to add stair climbing into my routine. But now both walking and climbing stairs were very difficult for me.

Since then, I have walked some (like for exercise, not just normal everyday walking) and occasionally I even climb stairs, and I can do the exercise, but I am not at the level I need to be in order to incorporate daily walks and stair climbing into my routine YET, but I will get there.

I didn’t just stop. I didn’t give up on my goal of becoming extremely physically fit like I would have done in the past. I fight too hard to allow a little pain in my knee to stop me.

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