The New Pattern – Lee Weiland

Here’s the old pattern…

People put roadblocks in their own way. Humans are notorious for that.

Anything will do. You name it.

Too young.

Too old.

No time.

Have to keep options open.



Their friends say this.

Their family says that.

They end up paying for it later though. The consequences for not being decisive and taking action are many.

Back pain from not pushing their bodies.

Unfulfilled dreams.

Countless hours of work but failing to reach their true potential.

Classes here classes there adding up to nothing.

And here’s the new pattern.

The contrast from the old way.

Choose a physical discipline…a craft.

And one that forces growth of strength, mentally and physically.

Then pursue mastery day in and day out.

Listening and being coachable to objective guidance.

And mastering new skills, and most importantly, your body… …steadily…

…from week to week and month to month…

…until you have gained proficiency in that art and the knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Handstands, presses, and back flips become basics, demonstrations of a physique and positive mindset realized.

Don’t let those roadblocks, be them from any area of your life, keep you from achieving your goals…and your true potential.

To your goals,

Lee Weiland

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