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We human beings are really strange as we cannot do anything without special motivation and guidance. Even though we know the importance and benefits of something, despite this, we wait for the motivation. Especially, we are so careless about our health. We hardly find time to concentrate on our health and diet issues. We are continuously ignoring the importance of our health.

In this article, I am going to give you some important tips regarding your health fitnessdiet and exercise. This article will be beneficial for you if you want to bring a healthy change in your life.

Twitter is an app that presents inspirational and motivational quotes, photos, and fitness tips. A large number of fitness trainers are there, but you need to follow the top 10 fitness influencers on Twitter.

You need to follow the top 10 fitness and nutrition experts on Twitter. Living in a world of social media, you need to have your account on Twitter. It is mandatory for you to keep in touch with health influencers.

Twitter has changed from the day it emerged on the surface of social media. Initially, it was considered as an app simply used for the communication, but soon it became the platform for political, religious, and cultural discussion. Many of the celebrities used this platform for getting popularity among the people. Businessmen, news reporters, and veteran journalists also started using this reliable platform for their own benefits.

Living in a world of social media, you need to have your account on Twitter because it has become mandatory nowadays. If you have opened your account on Twitter, you need to buy Twitter followers to strengthen your account.

Twitter has its limited characters around 140, therefore, the size of a tweet is concise and to the point. It removes the huge number of tweets from the account for giving space to the next one.

Twitter provides instant access to a large number of audiences. It is the best social media platform for pursuing athletes, musicians, or comedians.

If you are keenly interested in making changes in your fitness, nutrition, and health, Twitter is the best guide. Now it is easy to find and follow great accounts that keep you up to date with workouts, nutrition information, and motivation. Here is a list of top 10 fitness and nutrition experts you need to follow on Twitter:

It is an excellent account that tweets a large amount of content about diet, fitness, and general health information. They also give links to relevant things as best restaurant meals along with information on different styles of workouts and exercise.

Van Hari, Aka, the food babe is a food campaigner and an author who digs deep into finding what really goes into the food you eat daily. She had been at the back of the movement that successfully had Kraft foods eradicate dyes from their macaroni and cheese. She tweets a lot of astonishing information on multiple food items and products along with what truly is in them. She also reveals products that do not contain what they say they do.

The Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple is running by Mark Sisson, who is one of the leaders of the paleo/ancestral eating movement. He always gives up-to-date and relevant information and studies on all things paleo. Mark is in unbelievable shape and tweets out immense recipes.

Monica Reinagel, who is the best-seller author and a nutritionist as well, has established a well-known nutrition diva podcast. This diva podcast is one of the best podcast that shares very quick tips to drive you on your way. Monica is smart enough to use Twitter. She likes another nutritionist’s tweeted recipes and other information just relevant to nutrition. Her topics lead you to adopt healthy habits, and you chose only healthy food for your diet plan.

Chris Kresser is a winning author who provides many pieces of formation regarding health. He has set a mission in his life to give a healthy lifestyle to people. He has covered a wide range of topics concerning healthy tips.

Fitness and Nutrition is an amazing account that offers you plenty of tips concerning health and fitness. It tweets tips in bulk. But as you know that it is not possible to employ all tips, this account tweets motivational and inspirational pictures, quotations, and stories to capture the attention of the audience. However, to apply the tips shared by the Fitness and Nutrition account are easy to apply.

Who is unfamiliar to Dwayne Johnson called “The Rock.” A large number of fitness conscious girls and boys follow The Rock. He is a true motivational figure who keeps on tweeting pictures of his own workouts and tweets encouraging quotations and stories as well. If you are a real fitness conscious person, you need to follow Dwayne Johnson “The Rock.”

Robb Wolf is a well-known research biochemist and the best-seller author of New York Times. He is also another leading personality of the paleo movement. He keeps in touch with his audience via Twitter. He continuously tweets about recipes, information, and the winning stories of paleo.

Jamie Oliver has been working at the back of the food movement in various countries. He has done a great job for changing the fashion of the food in people’s lives; for instance, he tried his level best to eradicate junk food form many places, particularly from Children’s lunch boxes. He tweets out diet recipes of fresh and healthy food.

Cross Fit is an account that tweets a lot of information and tips concerning health and fitness. You can also find encouraging stories, quotations, and tips, along with amazing inspirational pictures.


Twitter is the best app to find motivational and inspirational tips regarding health and fitness. If you are keen to stay super fit, you must follow these above-mentioned fitness influencers on Twitter. Staying among the galaxy of more than 600 million users is a really amazing activity.

One more interesting thing about the best diet and Fitness influencers on Twitter is that it gives you different alternatives for dietary food. For instance, people who follow the Military diet (a strictly followed diet to lose weight) tends to find the Military diet substitutes. It is because a majority of the people do not like the food included in this diet, so they can have the alternative of the military diet on different influencer’s accounts.

These were the topmost guidelines to help you in finding the best tips regarding health. Try to follow them!

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