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Some people would say that it is better for us to hang out with different groups of friends instead of just using the time to be alone. Some people would get worried when they find out that we prefer to be on our own. Some people would begin to wonder whether we are having any issue that remains unresolved and they would then start to google any visible symptoms that they observe as they fear that there might be underlying health concerns.

However, what does it really feel like to be alone?

The above quote by Horacio Jones simply inspires me to appreciate and love myself. We are living in this world, often encouraged to show our care and love towards others, but we often forget that the one that we should first truly love is ourselves. We often forget how important it is for us to be able to understand ourselves. This in turn will affect the way that others are treating us.

Even though being alone is seen as something negative, there are great lessons that we can learn from being alone.


Being left out from group consultation; instead of being frustrated, I have decided to go for one to one consultation with my tutor. I had the luxury of time to ask as many questions as I want. I got better in every subject and I eventually made my way into university.


Being declined a spot in the group; no one wanted me to be in their groups for no valid reason. It was quite upsetting and many questions came to my mind. One of them was, “Have I done anything wrong?” However, despite that, I was able to acquire plenty of new skills and knowledge as I only have myself to depend on to complete the work.


Being told that I was not liked from someone who did not even speak to me before. Was’t that being judgemental?

These three scenarios prove to us that being alone may not be that bad after all. Being alone allows us to be independent and encourages us to take the initiative to explore different ways to solve problems. What’s more important is our ability to see things from a positive perspective instead of playing the victim role and blaming others for the circumstances that we are in. Our thoughts are important especially when we are alone; hence, training ourselves to see from different perspectives will definitely help to keep us mentally, emotionally and pyschologically strong.


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