The Weight was TOO Heavy this Morning – Dr. Megha Bagai

My form was awful.

I was out of breathe after one rep.

My left shoulder hurt.

I kept telling myself that I sucked.

During my workout this morning, I was starting round 3 of 4 of a new movement

From two 20 pound dumbbells, I went DOWN to two 10 pound dumbbells

WHY? Because I was struggling

I should have started with 10 pounds or EVEN LESS

BUT just like many of you…

I waited till I was in PAIN

I waited till I was TIRED

I SACRIFICED important things (like my form) to just the reps “done”

I waited till I could not HANDLE it anymore

One HUGE reason WHY people come to my office is because they have hit a point of DESPERATION or HOPELESSNESS

From severe pain to dysfunction to overall failure to do anything they need or want

Clients are living a life where their symptoms or pains DICTATE what they can and cannot do

Sound familiar?

“I need to change this part of the workout, because my back hurts”

“I can’t get coffee with you wife/husband, I have had a long day”

“I am failing now, because school is just not my thing”

“I was sick and missed practices, which is why we lost the game”

I can come up with THOUSANDS of these phrases that I hear constantly.

What is going to take for you to understand that to live the life you want for yourself and your family…IT STARTS BY TAKING ACTION NOW

Every workout, exam, presentation, act of love, movement, task, etc. is INITIATED from your brain

How is YOUR brain functioning? Are you in pain? Are you tired? Are you making excuses? Are you failing? Are you not getting promoted or paid?

TAKE ACTION NOW by visiting our website, Click “Request an Appointment”

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