In Search of Your Happy Place – a Few Words

I’ve renewed my annual membership three or four times now, and I’ve only recently begun feeling like I’m taking full advantage of the place. There are plenty of options for cardio workouts and strength training. It also has a pool, and water aerobics is my favorite class by far.

After working out, the sauna is where I let everything go. There’s something deeply satisfying about relaxing and just sweating it out. This is the happiest part of my happy place. (The nice hot shower afterward is a close second.)

Another benefit of this particular gym is that it’s not full of the jocks and judgment that exist in other places. The staff is friendly, and chatting with one of the trainers about sports or 80’s music always makes my day a little brighter. Granted, the clientele is, on average, a bit older. But there are some seniors who probably could kick my butt any day.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes to spend extra time at the gym. Yesterday I overheard a woman say that she comes in the evening to exercise, takes a break to watch the game show Jeopardy on the TV in the locker room, and then goes back in the pool. It’s like a second home to some people.

Exercising with others is a great way to stay fit physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hopefully, I’ll be just as motivated to spend time at the gym into my later years.

There, or the Amalfi Coast. Either one is fine.

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