How does therapy for knee arthritis work? – Imran Ali

After examining your knee, the therapist can work with you to form a treatment arrange that fits your actual problem and your desires. The goals will include reducing your pain and swelling, and increasing your flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance.
Your therapist might use:
• Manual medical care. Manual medical care includes massage and manipulation.
• Ultrasound. This uses sound waves to treat muscle spasms and pain.
• Electrical stimulation. This uses a gentle electrical current to treat pain.
He or she can also use heat and cold and should teach you ways to use these techniques.

Physiotherapy nearly always includes exercise. It will embrace stretching, doing core exercises, building strength, and walking. You will learn exercises that facilitate in surprising ways — strong core and hip muscles will facilitate control knee pain and cause you to more able to be active. Your therapist also will teach you exercises that you just will do at home.
Your therapist might consider whether some form of knee brace may assist you.
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