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Warmer weather also means that the pedicure season is back. I think many women will have a pedicure in the summer, which is the season for sandals and slippers. However, as long as I cannot ignore it, I try to write a post today. Let’s take a look at what the foot doctor Jacqueline Sutra is talking about: “The five truths of a pedicure that ruins foot health.”

Before you sit in a pedicure chair, you should look into your feet, ankles, toes, and heels. Jacqueline Sutra, a podiatrist in New York, says the problem with the pedicure is that the infection is worse and the onset of the disease is worse.

For example, an athlete’s foot has dry soles and hard flesh to hide something like warts. “Because of that, athlete’s foot can get worse in the summer with lots of sweat, and foot pile and pumice for foot treatment, moisturizer and exfoliation can make things worse,” she said.

And you do not want to have the risk of infecting the person behind you. Warts can spread as they are soaked in water by others. They can hide in files, buffers, and containers, Sutra said.

It is best not to shave your legs before a pedicure. Sutras said that people can get infections from microscopic scratches and holes. You should pay attention to small wounds or any debris on your feet. The claws that go in and out should not pedicure in pairs.

The color of the claws can also be a problem. If your claw is yellow, it can be infected with mold.

In this case, you should consider your doctor and your test. It’s not the time to do a pedicure.

Sutra suggests not to leave manicure for more than two weeks. “Please take a day or two off and have fun, so you can breathe and then try a pedicure.” She said. And if you are in a pedicure chair, do not hesitate to pay a fee. Sutra suggested taking his tools.

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