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MBBS in Germany :

There are countless Medical educational institutions in Germany that must be their astonishment prepare the thorough MBBS course without spending money on tuition fees. But nonetheless, the roadmap to medical PG in Germany is under the German medical council together with the medical universities of Germany are not going to come into the learning process.

Specialization in Germany :

Obtaining a specialization in a certain area of medicine is an integral part of the training of medical specialists in Germany. The training programs can last from five to six years and are carried out in university medical centers or other facilities that are authorized to provide specialized training. The regulations are different in each German state. To be eligible, you must have excellent German skills and have a medical license.

Duration of specialization :

After successfully completing your studies in Medicine, you can continue studying to obtain a specialization in an elective subject. The education program takes five to six years to complete. There are 30 different fields of medicine in which you can specialize. During the program, you must complete a catalog of fixed tasks. The education program concludes with the specialist medical exam.

Specialist medical training programs are not degree programs and are not offered at German universities. During a program of this type, you work as a doctor in a full-time job, for example. in a doctor’s office, in a university clinic or in a medical center or other “institution authorized to provide medical treatment”. They pay you as a medical assistant.

The mastery of the German language is a very important prerequisite, that is to say, at least a B2 level as established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You have to provide proof of your linguistic ability. Level B2 is equivalent to the business language certificate.

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