Mariel Cornel Dazzles Social Media With Style And Finesse

By Wesly Tan

Mariel has an extremely special place in my heart. She has always been a very eccentric, exciting person who always carried a unique form of swagger everywhere she went. Her instagram @Polydeux is a direct representation of her personality. She combines hip-hop culture with a love for fitness and anime, and somehow finds a perfect balance between being a hype beast, being a geek, and being a fitness monster. She isn’t afraid to be herself, and I love how it translates to the personality of her work.

On top of being a fashion wizard, she’s an extremely prolific dancer, and has competed with professional teams. I first saw her dance for a talent show we had back in our college days, where she brought a whole crew up with her. 100% original choreography, she lit that stage on fire, and I couldn’t help but jump out of my seat just to cheer her on.

Why I am so thankful for her is because she gave me courage to pursue songwriting when I was first starting out. I wrote my first song after a break up in the summer leading into my junior year of university. This was around the time we started becoming really good friends. Seeing her embody her craft so effortlessly and being so fearless to express her art to the world resonated with me. If this woman could do it while juggling school, work, and all the other chaotic aspects of life, what excuse do I have to not at least try?

Mariel continues to grow and her content only gets better with every post. Check her out on Instagram @Polydeux!

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