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Cause, symptoms and prevention of Migraine

If there is a pain in half of the human head and not in half, then it is also called migraines or migrations. It remains intermittent and persistent for a long time. It gives more pain than a normal headache. To get rid of this forever, you should not use English medicine but a domestic remedy.
Causes of migraines
Mental and physical exhaustion, visible blurring, lack of appetite, excess anger, anxiety, excess exhaustion of eyes, excessive emotions, lack of food, etc. are caused by migraine. It is also a disease of semen disorder and diabetes patients. It takes more medicine, menopause, menstrual cycle, stress, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Symptoms of migraine or migraines
1. Normal or acute pain, which may occur on one or both sides of the head
2. Pulsation pains
3. Increased pain due to physical labor
4. Pain can obstruct daily activities
5. Nausea, there may be vomiting
6. Sensitivity to voice and light

If migraine is not treated, its pain can last for 4 to 72 hours. A migraine headache can vary from person to person; Some people may have headaches several times a month, while others are less than this.
Most people do not have an aura with migraine, they are called normal migraine, while some people have Aura complaining about it, such migraine is called classic migraine. Changes in your vision in normal Aurae, such as the appearance of light, and sensation such as pinching in the arm and feet.

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Food and diet
1. Stale food, canned food, fried carnivorous dishes, dessert, and spicy food should not be eaten.
2. Taking about 70% of fruits, vegetables, sprouted pulses and 30% of the appropriate amount is beneficial for the migraines patient.
3. Late should not eat late at night.
4. More protein and more lubricant food should not be eaten.
5. At the time of eating food should not be consumed in the middle and the middle.
6. Do not use tea, coffee, chocolate, and alcohol and should not smoke.

10 effective remedies for migraine 1. Drink more water — You should drink more water in the problem of migraine. Also, keeping cold water on the head is also a relief. By doing this the arteries spread to their former condition.

2. Place headband — By imposing a headband, it provides relief in migraine pain. People used to use a headband for relief from pain, but now its trend has decreased.
3. fish oil — Massage of fish oil in the head when it is a pain gets much relief. In this, omega 3 fatty acids found in it relieve the pain.

This can increase the pain even when hungry. So do not stay hungry for a long time, just keep eating something or not. Consumption of green leafy vegetables is beneficial. Carrot and cucumber are also beneficial. Magnesium-rich foods are beneficial in migraines.

5. Away from bright light — Keep in mind that your workplace does not have bright light, strong sunlight or sharp odor. All these things also cause migraine disease. Try sleeping in a dark room while sleeping. Also, try to get out of the house and take the umbrella and avoid direct sunlight.

6. Junk food is harmful — The patient with migraines should avoid junk food and canned foods. Cheese, chocolate, cheese, noodles, and bananas contain such chemicals that can increase migraine.

7. Peppermint oil Massage of peppermint oil in the headache area is relieved when the migraine is concerned. In literature, the advantages of the oil of peppermint have been mentioned.
8. Ginger intake — According to Ayurveda, ginger relieves headaches. If you have trouble eating ginger, you can also take ginger capsules. Ginger or its capsules get rid of the problem of nausea.

9. Sleep more — Try to rest in migraine and take more sleep. Sleeping gives relief to migraine patients. To take a deep sleep, try to sleep in the dark room as you stay away from noise-resistant environments.

10. Do exercise Exercise is beneficial in most diseases. One cause of Migraine’s problem is also stress. By regular exercise, yoga, and meditation, the brain remains stress-free, and you also avoid being a victim of migraines.
Non-remedial treatment of migraines can be a problem. With such a hassle, you have to improve the routine as well as take care of the cateri.

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