Why It’s Hard to Keep Going to the Gym – Paul Krawczyk

Everyone at some point goes to the gym. Whether it’s to lose weight, or get active, or whatever reason people go to a gym or some sort of athletic facility. However, most people don’t keep up with it. Here’s a few reasons why that is, and how to overcome it.

It’s intimidating. Being a novice at anything can be intimidating. You don’t really know what you’re doing and what you end up doing, you wonder if you’re doing it correctly. Meanwhile, you think everyone is secretly a master of fitness and judging your inability. In reality most people at the gym are just people trying to workout, just like you. Nobody is really paying attention to anyone else unless they’re on a piece of equipment they wanna use or the excerize they’re doing looks too outrageous to be effective. As long as you aren’t looking like you’re treating the cable ties like a jungle gym, chances are nobody is gonna notice you working out to even think about judging you.

You really don’t have a sense of direction. There’s thousands of trainers out there, and even thousands more workout plans, but if you walk in with no real idea what routine to go with that day and just kinda float around with no clear direction, you’ll lose interest in it and ultimately grow bored of it. Experienced lifters always go in with at least an idea of what excerizes or muscle groups they want to that day. You don’t need a super strict regimen, but at least the goal of what you’re gonna do that day will keep you coming back day after day.

Worries of injury. There is always a risk when it comes to anything, especially working out and lifting. It can be very easy to hurt yourself while lifting if doing it improperly. Whether it be too much weight or improper form or whatever, injury can happen. However, the risk can be minimized if you’re smart about it. Don’t add too much weight or do more than you can do. If you’re unsure about form, lookup how to do it properly on Youtube, or ask someone in the gym. If you see someone doing squats or deadlifts and ask them for help, they’ll give it to you. Really fit people like seeing other people want to get in shape and are always more than happy to help anyone who asks for help.

Working out is essential for healthy living and getting in the gym and overcoming any obstacles, whatever they may be, will lead to a healthier and better life.

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