There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Marketing Strategy – Olly Hermon-Taylor

Are you confused about how to share your message and get more clients to take notice and want to work with you?

If you’re a coach, trainer or fitness professional, you’re being bombarded by sponsored posts and adverts for marketing and sales courses and systems.

Literally, everywhere you turn, you’re faced with quick fixes, hacks, tricks and tactics to”

“Build a six-figure business in 10 mins”…

“Effortlessly get clients, on demand, forever, without doing anything”…

“Become an influencer, overnight, without any content”…

And the consequence of all of this noise, this feeding frenzy by the unscrupulous marketers who want to take your money, is that you are more confused than ever.

You’re unclear about what to do and where to start in order to share your message, engage more of the right people and start to grow your business.

And it’s no wonder.

It’s not your fault.

Half of the “experts” are telling you that you need to use an organic content strategy and post everyday, on multiple platforms.

Do blog posts, FB posts, IG posts, live videos, etc., etc.

The problem with this is that you’re burning yourself out trying to keep up and produce quality content and you’re getting frustrated and disillusioned because it’s not working and you’re not generating leads.

The other half of the “experts” are telling you to forget about organic content, funnels, websites, brand, posting, live videos and to just focus on paid advertising (if they don’t say this explicitly, it’s where they’re heading).

But paid advertising is unfamiliar and dangerous territory if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you don’t have the basics of your message, target market and offer locked down.

It can be a very effective way to burn through cash quickly and see little return, leaving you feeling like you’ve had your fingers burned.

So, who’s right?

The real answer is both and neither.

There is no “truth” or right way.

Think about weight loss for a minute.

Although we all fall into different camps regarding how people should lose body fat and get lean, the truth is that…

Most things work, for a while.

Even though a caloric deficit, combined with moderate to high protein intake and resistance training is the gold standard, there are many ways to achieve it.

There isn’t one single, right way, that works for everyone, all of the time.

The same applies to marketing, messaging and growing your business.

Many different people have had great success using many different strategies. Some playing the long-game of creating a brand and incredible, valuable content that really helps people.

Others using the shorter-term play of powerful messaging (usually focused on uncovering emotional pain in clients) combined with paid advertising.

What’s the best strategy for you and your business?

It totally depends on your goals and objectives and what you are trying to achieve.

If you’re just in it for the money and to build the six-figure business as quickly as possible, then you probably want to focus more on the paid advertising route with the more manipulative style of marketing and messaging (coupled with a pushy sales script on the backend).

[Side note. Next time you meet someone running a six-figure business, ask them what their net profit is. Next time you meet someone running a seven-figure business, ask them if that is based on actual annual turnover, or projected revenue in the future].

If you’re in it to make a difference, to help people change their lives, to add value and to earn a good living doing what you love, then you probably want to focus on a blend of the two strategies.

Creating incredible, valuable content that actually helps people for long-term brand building (creating a high-status brand so you can be perceived as an authority in your niche and market), coupled with investing heavily in paid advertising to actually generate leads and make money in the short-term.

Either way, a little patience is required because, as you know better than anyone, results don’t happen overnight.

As a coach or fitness professional, you probably spend a lot of time telling your clients that quick fixes and hacks don’t work.

So why do you keep falling for them when it comes to marketing?

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