Not Destined to be Fat and Unhealthy – Ray Binkowski

“Many people never get started because they believe they are going to fail…. and not want to put themselves through that failed experience…” Was posted on facebook this morning by a trainer and gym owner friend.

His statement is spot on.

I am convinced this plays a large role in people’s success or failure with health, wellness and weightloss (likely anything in life)… but it is seldom talked about and acknowledged.

It is crushing to try and fail over and over. It really fosters a failure mindset. This makes it hard to want to start again. No one wants to play a game they can not win.

Here is what is interesting. If others are successful you can be to. You are not being punished and doomed to fail by the universe. Instead of adopting the “why bother only to fail again” mindset adopt the “if they can do it so can I.”

You need to do what the successful are doing… and in doing so, success is yours for the taking. You are not destined to be fat and unhealthy.

You might need some help (coaching or training), some accountability (leverage the power of social media) and accept that it will not happen overnight… but with the right approach it will happen.

One more thing…. If you start focusing on being successful you can not focus on failing. It is one or the other.

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