How to Optimize Your Performance Post Season – Natasha Irani

As the season comes to an end it is important to use your down time from competitions to maximize your performance.

1. It’s okay to take a Break

Taking a break is an important part of your performance. The training we do leading up to our competitions is draining and giving ourselves a mental and physical break will optimize performance when the season comes back around. I usually give myself 2 weeks off the court to mentally recharge, so when I’m on court I still love every second of it. I give myself 3 days out of the gym post season to let me body recover. Spending time with my family and friends is an important part of my post-season performance.

2. Mix up Your Training Routines

Research what professional athletes in your sport are doing to reach their potential. Mixing up your workout routines makes training more enjoyable and will allow you to work different muscle groups. Cross training is another great way to maximize performance.

3. Make a Plan

Give yourself time to reflect on your season and stew goals for yourself, short term and long term for the next season. This will allow you to have something to work towards from now until the end of next season. It will allow you to train with purpose.

4. Pair up with a Teammate

Pairing up with your teammate can help hold you accountable for your training. It may not always be easy to rely on yourself to get your workouts done and push yourself to your limit like you do in season with your team. It is always nice to have someone help motivate you to reach your goals and celebrate with you once you reach them.

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