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We say that bad habit is the main reason, but the problem is larger. Our simple steps are the reason for our poor and bad health.

The wrong diet

In this busy life, food is neglected first, in the pace of life, we forget the bad we are doing with us by not taking good and nutritious food, normal work hour is raised to 7 to 8 hours.

The reason for this is our greed to earn more and become richer day by day,

This negligence causes a lot of damage to our health like heart attacks, depression, physical weakness

And even causes infertility.

This graph shows the real truth.


It is the main reason for the death of millions of children, they can’t afford healthy food and drinking water, the government overlooks these things because this topic never gives them votes. Media which nowadays mostly corrupt, don’t cover it. The reason is the TRP.

And Asian countries suffer a lot from it. Mumbai has the world largest slum it is Dharavi. Children die painfully and no one raises a voice, because no one wants to get into these old topics. Poor people don’t have insurances which cause a lot of trouble. They can’t afford it.

BAD habits

Youngsters now days have bad habits like using cigarettes, hookah, drugs. They do it to look cool, but it ultimately damages their lives. They realize it when the time is gone.

They suffer from diseases like cancer, tuberculosis.

These habits damage their families, their relation. It is a path of a really painful death.

We should try to avoid these habits, health is first. If we have good health everything is possible to do in life, otherwise a painful death. And regretting at the end will not do any better.

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