The One Thing That Makes Humans Fitter Faster – Jonah Jupiter

I’ve spent the last twenty years in a gym, learning the language, sorting myth from fact, helping countless humans reach their goals, and searching for the unicorn; the one thing that makes humans fitter faster.

Unfortuanlty, that’s easier said than done. There’s simply a lot of fitness mud you have to wade through waist-deep before you find the shores of paradise. And that’s a shame because now, more than ever, we need for-real fitness. Not the fake stuff you see on Insta-fitness, the stuff that cures diabetes, eliminates pain and gives people their lives back. Programs like CrossFit that put the ball back in our court, and out of the hands of pharmaceutical companies. Programs that, besides bringing together right nutrition and right movement, brings us together. As in, people. Specifically, all different kinds of people.

At CrossFit, it’s not uncommon to see a grandma training next to a police officer, or a linebacker throwdown with a soccer mom. And that’s the secret. The one thing, after the obvious things are taken care of, that moves the fitness speedometer into the fast lane: Training alongside people that are fitter than you.

The nice thing about surrounding yourself with people that are fitter than you is that they don’t have to do anything different to help. All they have to do is be their fit and awesome selves right beside you, while you nestle close, try to hang on, and get a contact fitness buzz. But we don’t. Not enough of us, anyway. We order online workouts and try to get fit in our garage. Alone. Or worse yet, we join a program where everyone looks, performs, and acts exactly as we do. And we wonder why our results crawl along like a kneecapped zombie.

Ignore the supplements. Close Insta. Take inventory of who’s beside you when you workout. Are there some humans who are less fit than you, and more importantly, some that are more? If not, change your environment and do it fast. The program you choose matters. So does the food. But after you’ve got that right, then it’s working out with someone fitter than you that matters most.

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