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Why do I want to write about Wellness when there is already an established status quo on great influencers who can give you all the advice you need in life?

Why do I want to maintain an Instagram profile? Is it because of the popularity contest that permeates the sense of an individual’s self-validation in our generation? Or do I intend to turn this into a business model?

Turns out, don’t really care about the popularity or money since this is purely out of a desire to share my viewpoint to the world, and for those who might find it useful.

I’ve been an exercise junkie for a few years now, and while I still don’t have the ideal dream physique, it’s not the goal that dictates my reason anymore.

Instead, I want to live better. Meaning, I want to be flexible enough even as I age to travel and trek as if I were still 20. It means I can play a game of tag with friends without feeling like my heart will burst. It means I always have the energy and focus to keep working hard and succeeding but also indulge in food & wine without guilt.

And that’s the origin story of the name ThatWorkoutDude (TWD). Purposefully simplistic in name, TWD represents an idea that wellness extends beyond just low body fat percentage, it’s about leading a balanced life that is healthy, both physically and mentally. In essence, if you’re someone who wants to workout and enjoy life as well, you’re already ThatWorkoutDude(or Dudette) in the group. I want to showcase that being fit is not about a certain physical look but rather a mental and physical improvement (believe me, there’s a difference). So all my efforts will always be towards simplifying wellness NOT sharing an overload of information.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided to embark on a 30-day journey. If you’ve read my stuff before, I’m not a fan of typical 30–60-XX challenges because I don’t believe in their viability. The said challenges are mostly focused towards arbitrary promises of summer body transformations, something only a minority might achieve, if at all, under extremely controlled conditions.

No, what I’m trying to achieve is a real depiction of how much your body can change within a short frame of time. I’m also going to show how your fitness level can change within a short frame of time as well. Contrary to popular thinking, your body composition and fitness levels aren’t necessarily in sync (more on this topic soon).

A little bit about me. I’m not a fitness coach. I’m just a simple dude who likes to workout and has 30 days to try something like this before he resumes life. There are no glories being aimed here. The other reason this time is perfect is that while having a tonne of free time, I also have a lot of tasks to achieve, people to meet etc since I’ll be shifting countries in a month. This means, that I’ll still be involved in social situations, family commitments, and farewells.

A wellness journey should be possible despite worldly responsibilities not in the absence of it.

Okay, enough rambling. Onwards to what the journey will be like.

Every day, starting today I’ll post on my Instagram. Every 10 days, I’ll write a summary update on Medium.

The parts that I’ll cover each day are as follows:

  1. Exercise- I’m aiming at 5–6 days a week with a mix of strength, cardio and incorporating Yoga. Max amount of time per day for a workout will be 60 minutes (That’s 1% of the time I spend on Netflix these days)
  2. Nutrition- I won’t be going on a boiled food diet, but will look at making healthy whole food choices. This means grains, pulses, white meat etc. No ‘Macro counting’, just eating well and trying to avoid binges. I will, however, make a note of what I’m consuming and share that every day
  3. Fasting- I might look at 12-hour fasts, depending on the mood and energy levels. Generally, that doesn’t affect me negatively but it will not a strict schedule
  4. Alcohol- I don’t drink much anymore, but when I do, it’s an easy downward slip into YOLO drinking. So one of the things I’m going to explore is drinking within moderate levels without affecting my fitness dramatically
  5. Workouts of the Week- Each week I’ll give a few 10-minute circuits that can be done anywhere without a gym. You can repeat it 2–3 times to make it a full workout or just incorporate them into your existing routine. If you’re just starting out, you can just do these on their own to start moving a little.
  6. Mentality & Feel- This is perhaps the most important part. What my mindset was, how my body is feeling etc. These are the most important because it doesn’t matter if I workout and eat right every day if my mood is still rotten right?

Here are my stats for 24th June. This ends on 24th July, 2 days before I leave the country. If you’re joining me on this journey, I recommend recording your weight this exact instance and also taking the fitness test laid out below. Don’t worry, even if your stats suck. That’s the whole point

My current weight– 84kgs

Fitness Test: Max reps for 3-minutes per round. Don’t rest for more than 60 seconds between each exercise

A) Pull Ups- 5 (Strict pull-ups from a hang, chin above the bar — no jumping nonsense). Alternate option: Bodyweight Rows– If you don’t have access to a bar, you can use any table or surface in the house to do rows. If not, just ignore pull-ups altogether and start with B.

B) Squats- 65 (Ass to grass, like this . Half reps don’t count)

C) Push ups- 30 (Strict chest to floor pushups, with proper form like this)

D) Burpees- 15 ( Strict burpees with pushups like this)

E) Plank- 61 seconds (Don’t clasp your hands or make it easier, refer here)

So, give me a follow on Instagram if you want to follow this daily, or follow here for an update every 10 days. If you’d like to join me use the #Chubbfit or #TWD and we’ll discuss notes.


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