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I am sorry to break this to you, but anyone can start on a diet. It is too easy. You simply pick out one of the seemingly unlimited diet options on the market. Select one. Get the details and then just follow it.

Nice and simple, right? Well, that’s exactly the problem. There are so many diets out there that it is easy to believe that they are so popular because they are successful. Wrong. Sure, you can lose a few pounds here and there with most diet plans. The problem appears are after you start to lose some weight.

Losing weight is never the problem. Indeed, for these weight loss plans to gain traction or gain a following in the first place is they are able to deliver results at some level or other. The problem is sticking to them. This is where most dieters fail. Anyone can get on the weight loss treadmill. Few people can stay on. Keep the following tips in mind. if you want to get on a diet and stick to it to get the results you desire.

Keep a picture journal for your diet

The main reason why most dieters fail is that they lose motivation. When you keep a weight loss journal that includes pictures of your progress, you can get the motivation you need. Seriously You get motivated when you see that your gut is getting smaller. You are pushed to stick to your diet. When you see that you are gaining weight, you get a sense of urgency and you put more effort in sticking to your diet so you can ‘catch up’.

Tell your friends on social media

Share your weight loss journal pictures with friends on social media. When there is a public aspect to any personal project, the idea that you might get embarrassed might light a fire under you and might just be what you need to stick to your diet regardless of how much you would like to quit. In a very real sense, you recruit your friends to keep you accountable by allowing them to monitor your weight loss. This is very powerful. You might be able to close your ears to yourself, but you would have a tougher time playing deaf when it comes to your friends.

Give yourself some non-fattening rewards if you hit milestones

Give yourself a reward for every 10 pounds you lose. As long as the reward is non-fattening or doesn’t involve calories you should be good to go. The key is to associate a positive reward with achieving significant weight loss milestones. This gives you an emotional push that keeps you motivated By.

keeping the tips above, you go a long way in incorporating your diet into other parts of your lifestyle and your mindset. Weight loss is not something you order by picking up the phone. It isn’t a pizza. Instead, it is a commitment a personal challenge. Get started today and personally where you challenge yourself to and go on a rewarding journey become a healthier, happier, and better you.


There is a very interesting parallel between people who overeat and people with a nicotine addiction. In many cases, people who overeat or have eating problems aren’t really hungry. Instead, they get a feeling or some emotions hit them and their automatic response is to raid the fridge. This is not all that different from the smoker that habitually lights up right after heavy meal waiting in a line. Both behavioral eating or while detecting patterns involve an emotional state and responding to that emotional state. There is an almost subconscious chain reaction that takes place here. They all lead to unhealthy results. Thankfully, you can break this chain reaction.

Map out the chain to break the chain

If you have an automatic eating response when you feel bored or stressed, your best option is to clearly map out your actions and emotions so you can see how they feed into each other. Mapping is the first step. The better you are at mapping your emotional triggers, the better your results as you try to break the chain linking emotional triggers to unhealthy actions.

Emotional state

The first stage is to identify the situations that trigger boredom What needs to happen for you to feel bored? List them down. Come up with as many variations as you right and wrong can? There are no answers. Just keep listing. As long they are accurate, write down as your answers .

The act of eating triggers emotional payoff

When you feel bored or stressed enough, you eat. Now that you have identified the set of things that need to be present for you to achieve these emotional states, you now have to link them to your eating. The link is not the problem .The problem is identifying the kinds of emotional ‘rewards’ you get when you eat because you were bored or stressed. List down these rewards.

Do you feel at peace?

Do you feel at ease?

Do you feel calm?

Do you feel comforted?

Do you feel reassured?

Breaking the chain

Now that you see a clear link between a specific set of circumstances, an emotional state, eating triggered by that emotional state, and the emotional payoffs you get, you now need to break the chain. The weak spot in the chain reaction is actually the set of circumstances. The further down the chain you go, the less in control you will feel. You have to hit the process at the beginning.

Boredom and stress are interpretations

The key thing to keep in mind is that at every second our brains are picking up thousands of signals. We are drowning in data overload .Obviously our brains can’t process all this info at once. We have to pick and choose. We have to interpret. This is the weak spot of the chain. Instead of emotionally reading a set of signals as ‘boredom’ or stress, you consciously choose to read them differently. When you do this, you don’t trigger the automatic physical response of eating. Similarly, you don’t trigger the emotional payoffs and you don’t get rewarded for engaging in unhealthy eating patterns .

While you may not be able to control the stimuli your brain collects, you can control what you and what give importance to and what interpretations you come up with .By interpreting situations a certain way, you avoid feeling bored and stressed. When you do this, you eat less and position yourself to lose weight.

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