Thoughts On My 3-Month Weight Loss Journey As Someone With Hypothyroidism

Early this year, a discounted membership in a local gym encouraged me to get moving. I told myself, “I am not going to wither without putting up a fight.”

Fastforward to three months later, my body fat percentage declined from 34% to 28%. Now ar 114 lbs, I am at my lightest weight ever.

Here are some thoughts I had on the journey:

Dissatisfaction about my appearance made me take action, and it’s not that bad of a source of motivation, at least at the beginning

I didn’t decide to lose weight to get healthy. I did it because I disliked how I looked. I didn’t have a photo of myself taken all those months I gained weight. It was alarming because I no longer weighed the same way I used to.

As I read more about the reasons behind my health problems, my “why” has matured. I needed to get healthy. Eventually becoming healthy led to weight loss.

I didn’t decide to lose weight to get healthy. I did it because I disliked how I looked. I didn’t have a photo of myself taken all those months I gained weight. It was alarming because I no longer weighed the same way I used to.

A ketogenic diet can tremendously jumpstart weight loss

Call it a fad or however you like it. But to me, it’s the only diet that promotes clean fat loss. As it requires that you restrict carb intake of up to 20grams or less, your body turns to your fat for fuel instead of glucose.

It’s not uncommon that many dieters quit if they don’t see results quickly. If you follow the diet cleanly, you will lose weight in a breeze. Seeing it happen week after week will inspire you to continue moving.

You first need to science to understand why the diet actually works

As I was skeptical in most diets, I didn’t easily jump into the keto bandwagon. It was when I learned more about the diet from Dr. Berg’s YoutTube videos that I got persuaded to try it.

I fed my mind with the why’s, which eventually directed my how’s.

The diet reduces inflammation

It can also address a whole sleuth of preexisting illnesses one may have (i.e. high blood, high sugar levels, PCOS, etc.). In my case, I got on remission with rheumatoid arthritis. I was off of meds for months and hardly experience pain in my joints.

The result of your weight loss efforts is only as good as the amount of work you put in

This doesn’t just mean “work” at the gym, but also how clean you do the diet.

You may find yourself addicted to a specific food, condiment, dressing or topping

For me, it was whipped cream. And cream cheese. Almost every frappe or milk tea I order, I request for those as add-ons. Their high caloric content can hamper fat loss, so make sure you double your efforts.

Also, as they are high in fat, they should never be combined with carbs.

You eventually need carbs to get you through a workout day

When I lift while on keto, I get so wiped out easily. My performance is also poor compared to having carbs. Cyclic ketogenic diet seems like the only other alternative.

It’s futile to convince other people to follow suit even if you mean well

People need to confront things at their own terms.

You will be a master of where to get your source of fats, both clean and dirty

Avocado, fish belly, olive oil. You know where to find them.

Natural artificial sweeteners are your bestfriend

Sprinkle your drinks with Stevia, and your day will be bright and peachy.

Nobody cares how unfit you are or what workouts you do

People go to the gym to do what they must do. And it’s hardly to poke fun at others who are worse than them on a fitness or aesthetic level.

When you are starting, you tend to be conscious about how silly you look while you do the reps. But again, nobody cares.

Even if you lose weight, you are still skinny fat unless you do some serious lifting

Nobody likes to look and feel thin and frail. So weight training should always be in the equation.

Get a deep, sound sleep everyday as it compounds your efforts in the gym

Embrace it as you would with exercise. Weight loss and recovery happens when you sleep.

With or without hypothyroidism, you will reach the dreaded plateau

When your weight loss has stalled, it is game face on. This is when you need to be stricter with your intermittent fasting efforts and eat less dietary fat. In this way, your body turns to your stored fat for energy.

You will learn to eat simply and the same food every single day

Chicken, fish, avocado, almonds, eggs. Plus a ridiculous amount of the acceptable veggies. Same food everyday.

You need to eat a significant amount of greens

To offset the high amount of fat that you eat, you must eat a lot of vegetables. No time to eat them? Don’t like the taste? Juice them. The possibilities of a delicious, healthy smoothie are endless.

Success is always tied to sacrifice

As in many areas in life, you can’t achieve success without giving up a few things.

I have given up my obsession with rice, donuts, chocolates, and mostly anything sweet. I still miss them, but the benefits I experience from avoiding them outweighs the need to consume them.

As in many areas in life, you can’t achieve success without giving up a few things.

The journey is a drag, but you must make it enjoyable

Enjoy the ride while you’re at it. Be creative about your meals, smoothies and workouts. You’re in it for the long haul, so make it as fun and tolerable as possible.

Exercise is non-negotiable especially as you age

Anyone past his 20s can relate to what this means. But regardless of one’s age, exercise should be everyone’s priority. If anyone wants to excel in life, he must turn to his body as an aid. Nourish it and you nourish all other areas of your life.

Life is energy, energy is life

Notice how people who have energy are positive, productive, and full of life. That is because having energy sustains life.

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