The United States was among the outsiders on the introduction of artificial intelligence in…

According to experts, many countries still do not use all the features of the latest technologies.

China, Saudi Arabia and Singapore have become world leaders in the implementation of artificial intelligence in national health systems. Such data conducted by Philips research (Future Health Index) published by the newspaper Straits Times.

Among the 15 countries that participated in the study, the smallest spread of artificial intelligence in this area was in the United States — 10%, Australia and the Netherlands — 8%.

The highest rates of use of the latest technologies in medicine, including diagnostics and treatment, are in China (45%), Saudi Arabia (34%) and Singapore (28%).

Meanwhile, the study showed that in Singapore, artificial intelligence is used primarily in administrative work — for example, patient registration, prescription of medicines, personnel management, and so on.

According to the head of Philips in the Asia-Pacific region, Carolina Clark, “many countries still do not use all the features of the latest technologies.” Thus, artificial intelligence could be widely used in resuscitation, postoperative departments, in conducting various studies, including radiological, she said.

At the same time, the report noted the concern of health workers about the widespread use of modern technologies because of fears of losing their jobs. As Clark noted, “robots in medicine can never replace a person, they are only able to partially unload the staff.”

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