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LASIK eye surgery procedures usually have very high success rates with minimal risk of complications. They are created to deal with nearsightedness and farsightedness as well as astigmatism, in order to enable patients to live without glasses or contacts.

Sight-threatening difficulties such as substantial loss of vision from LASIK surgical procedures are incredibly rare, as are the majority of adverse effects associated with the laser eye surgical procedure. Most problems can be fixed with extra surgical treatment or clinical therapy.

However, not every person is an appropriate prospect for LASIK eye surgical treatment. Particular problems and physiological elements can increase the probability of any unwanted adverse effects or risks, such as:

● Thin & irregular corneas

● Large pupils

● Dry eyes

● Age


● Certain autoimmune diseases

ConsultThe Eye Center, in Columbia, SC area for further information.

Dry eyes

A common risk pertains to dryness in the eyes following the LASIK procedure. Some individuals that undergo LASIK experience a reduction in tear manufacturing that can create eye discomfort and obscured vision. Consult an eye clinic in the Columbia, SC area if any issues persist.

Temporary Pain & Discomfort

Pain throughout the first couple of days following the LASIK surgical treatment, such as light inflammation and light sensitivity, is typical. Consult The Eye Center in the Columbia, SC area if any issues persist.

Flap Complications

The LASIK treatment consists of small incisions of the hinged flap on the surface of the cornea. This is lifted during the surgical procedure. Following the completion of the operation, the flap is then returned to its original place to form a bandage over the area.

If the LASIK flap is not done appropriately, it might not stick correctly to the surface of the eye or tiny creases called striae (STRIE-ee) can develop in the flap. These flap difficulties can trigger optical aberrations and altered vision. These are serious complications which require immediate consultation of an Ophthalmology clinic in the Columbia, SC area.

Final Thoughts

The safety, security, and efficiency of LASIK surgical treatment continue to significantly improve over the years, thanks to innovative modern technology, medical ability, and ideal patient compatibility.

Serious complications were more typical in the very early years of LASIK when research in the late 1990s showed that approximately 5 percent of individuals going through LASIK experienced some kind of complication. Nowadays, this percentage is under 1 percent for significant issues. For any further questions, consult a LASIK eye clinic in the Columbia, SC area for further information.

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