Simple Hip Flexor Stretches that you can do at home

An example of hip flexor stretches includes sitting exercise, especially when performed with the feet down, since this movement primarily involves the hip flexors and affects the bow of the hip. lower back.

But this could increase the risk of back pain, especially if you have weak abdominal muscles , very common when you are just starting to train, therefore it is not recommended for beginners.

Another example of an exercise that works from the hip flexors is the collection of a leg in the supine position ( face up ).

Again, this movement works the hip flexors much more than the abs., And should not be done until a good abdominal strength has developed.

Keep in mind that the best way to isolate your abs is to minimize the involvement of your hip flexors. So we should note and keep in mind when we are putting them to work, and if we just notice the latter, we must avoid it by moving the force to the abs.

Hip Flexor Stretches and how to do it?

Abduction of the hip joint : The hip joint is produced at the same point where the femur joins the acetabulum of the pelvis, which allows us to walk, run, jump, etc … The lateral abduction of the hip is A stretch that hardens the abductor muscles using as a “tool” your own weight. This way and, once leaning on a bar, you should only lift one of the feet out, increasing the distance between your thighs.


Stretches on a foam roll : The foam roll is a very useful element if we want to focus a lot of pressure on the hip flexor muscles. Put the roller on the floor and lie face down, placing the latter under your thighs. Keep the balance by putting your hands on the floor, so that the body is flat. Now, perform the “kneading” movement by rolling back and forth, exerting pressure only on the hip flexors and thigh muscles.

Knee Stretching : Place the right or left knee on a mat (also worth a towel) folded on the floor. Then extend your left leg forward as far as you can and rest your hands on your hip, not on the floor. Keep your balance and shift your body weight forward for about 10 seconds. Then, he makes the same movement with the other leg.

Pullover frog: A very complete stretch where in addition to the hip flexor muscles, the arms and muscles of the shoulder are involved. In addition, it is a very easy and comfortable task to achieve the objectives, since we only have to acquire the “pullover” position of the frog sitting style and then slowly lower the chest on the feet to stretch the groin area.

Hip rotor spin: Lie on a mat or towel with your knees bent and feet flat against a wall. Remember to leave your hip resting at a right angle. Now, just cross one of your ankles on the opposite knee and stretch well. Instead of putting your feet on the wall, you can support them on a bench. As a secondary method, you can also bend your knees towards your chest to stretch the flexor muscle of your bent leg hip


Unlike the smooth muscles, the skeletal muscles are those that are attached to the bones and interact with them. In addition, the latter have stretch marks and are controlled voluntarily. The flexor muscles and extensors of the hip work together to generate the movement of the body, but they differ greatly when contracting or exerting pressure. The flexor muscles bend the joints inward, while the extensors do just the opposite, extend and straighten the joints.

CLİCK: Avoid Hip injury Try these Hip Flexor Stretches to Strengthen your hip

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