Men Who Get Jealous Over Dildos Have Reached A Peak Level Of Insecurity

I’m not threatened by my wife’s vibrator

I didn’t realize this was a thing — men who won’t let their wives bring sex toys into their bedroom.

My wife had an ex who wanted nothing to do with sex toys. He was worried it would ruin their sex life and potentially their relationship too.

He’s balding and single now — likely playing video games in his mom’s basement in Iowa.

While I’m busy enjoying my wife and her pink dildo.

Men who exhibit jealousy over pink dildos have clearly reached a peak level of insecurity.

All hail the magic wand

Her toys enhance her pleasure — she can have her cake and eat it too. If I’m honest, I enjoy seeing her basking in her pleasure.

After a long and stressful day with work, kids, and everything else…it’s nice to see her let go and enjoy herself.

She gets double the pleasure — penetration from me and clitoral stimulation from her magic wand or pink friend.

Plus, a lot of women aren’t able to orgasm from vaginal intercourse and require clitoral stimulation. Meaning, the wrap around works fine in some positions and for some women — but it’s not always the solution.

Having a tool to help enhance pleasure and make sex better for both of you just makes sense.

I’ve seen the magical wand in action — I just wish I could find a male equivalent.

It’s not intended to be a replacement for men

They’re not replacing us with their toys. If that’s really what you are worried about it’s likely your relationship has much deeper issues.

If you view sex as a pleasurable activity between two consenting adults — one where both are entitled to equal pleasure — there should be no insecurities.

Even if her dildo is twice the size of your dick — your insecurity is still misplaced —variety is the spice of life.

Cultivate openness about our sexuality

I’ve shared before that I want my wife to masturbate — the same holds true for toys. I want her to enjoy them.

I’m proud of her for inviting them into our bedroom after going 20 years without really knowing much about masturbation.

Her willingness to openly communicate her desires helps us build even more intimacy between us. I can understand a little anxiety about introducing something new into the bedroom, so take it slow and let her lead.

Toys aren’t meant to replace men, they are meant to enhance the pleasure for both men and women.

It’s each individuals choice how and if they want to bring them into the bedroom. It seems just plain wrong to try limiting the pleasure of our partners by banishing toys from the bedroom.

Sexual intimacy causes enough real insecurities — let’s not create one out of plastic and batteries.

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