Hospitality Meets Wellness in Orangetheory Fitness Pop-Ups

Sticking to your workout routine while on vacation just got a bit easier.

As easy as pushing an elevator button, in fact.

What if we told you that one of your favorite work-out classes is making its way into hotel destinations around the country?

Merging luxury hospitality with wellness, Orangetheory Fitness launched its first pop-up location at the Boca Raton Resort and Club back in December of 2018. The franchise has plans to follow with 12 more locations in other resorts around the country in 2019.

The pop-up features all of the state of the art equipment found in regular Orangetheory studios, plus, classes will be taught by guest popular instructors from around the country. These well-known instructors, have acted as self-advertisements — or influencers for the pop-up.

Instructors have taken to Instagram to hold contests in which Orangetheory members can win free stays at participating hotels, complete with classes at the fitness pop-up.

As a marketing strategy, hotels are an amazing location for fitness pop-ups. A hotel gym can often feel foreign, and a branded fitness pop-up can bring some familiarity to one’s work-out routine.

According to Digiday, hotel guests are already accustomed to seeing branded products and stores within hotels. Moira Vetter, founder and CEO of ad agency Modo Modo Agency, says “Your coffee, soap, water, showerhead and pillow are often co-branded, why not the gym?”

Travelers and vacationers are also often more open to paying for a product or an experience. One of the many perks of a hotel stay is convenience, and Orangetheory is even considering offering package deals where hotel guests can buy both classes and spa services in one-shot.

In terms of fitness and wellness brands, the hospitality industry is a major platform that can take a brand to the next level. We’ve seen this with Peloton bikes popping up in different Westin Hotels, and on a large scale — Equinox has plans to create an Equinox Hotel in NYC this year.

Orangetherory’s studio pop-ups are testing out a future of branded fitness within hotels, and customers are eating it up. Be sure to check out participating hotels while they’re still here!

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