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Original 4 Node ARPANET Map

Internet 3.0 is a coming development is ongoing merger between the human and computer Colossuses see this to learn more on that. In order to understand that merger, and the paradigm that comes with that it’s best to understand our current technological paradigm and the ways it’s changing.

Internet 1.0

For all intents and purposes we are still in what I like to call Internet 1.0, it’s the internet Tim Berners Lee created in the late 80s and early 90s it’s mostly the world wide web with a small minority using things like freenet and tor. It’s a system of different computers communicating with each other using updated versions of the same protocols Mr. Lee and friends created back in the last years of the last millenium. It’s a great invention that has revolutionized the world as we know it, but there’s simply better technologies now going forward for the future of the internet.

Not many people are aware of the structural problems of the internet, let’s start off with an obvious one, funding. Most of the internet is free to use and is funding off advertising, and data mining. This is not sustainable it simply just isn’t most of our favorite sites are sustained off the startup bubble. It costs actual dollars to run a server, to pay programmers. Investors are funding these startups hoping they’ll eventually profitable. But not every companies Amazon, and the internet can’t stay this way.

Internet 2.0

I am not actively participating in the creation of Internet 2.0, so I can only hope to guess the way it’ll pan out. I see the future of the internet relying on a few very specific technologies those being, blockchain and cryptography, mesh networks, and an unknown third technology which will accomplish the herculean task of merging these new paradigms with the old ones. The end result of this is safer internet which is more secure.

Internet 3.0

Internet 3.0 is an idea that came to me during Grindfest 2019. This year there were two devices that not many realized the potential of essentially their combined functionality allowed for the creation of an implantable server that monitors vitals and biomarkers, could be turned into a mesh network of humans, web site, and more. The potential that comes from this is unimaginable. Both good and bad. From a capitalist mindset this becomes a way to intrinsically turn human life into value without disturbing much. You could essentially with a good enough understanding neural computation run programs on people bodies and use the computing power of a human body to extract continuous value form people’s daily life without them having to do anymore than continue to live.

From a scientific perspective this provides a huge opportunity to understand the human body, humanity as interconnected system. It allows for thing like Immune 2.0 to become a reality but also for epidemiological information to be collected and analyzed on scale not seen before.

In a sentence Internet 3.0 is the Internet of things expanded to human bodies.

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