How to PR year round in life and inside the weight room.

How to PR year round in life and inside the weight room.

The Root of PR (Personal Récord)

In strength conditioning and personal training there are coaches who live by the PR sheet. It is simply a way to measure and document success in the weight room. A way to see what improvements have been made through out the time period of a Macro, Meso or Micro cycle. But it is not the end all be all of strength conditioning or training.

Very early in my career I felt that it was vital to record everything. I found myself judging other coaches who executed training in a “freestyle” manner. These same coaches seemed to have completely neglected something that i thought was an essential part of the training process. Eventually as I grew my relationships with other coaches, I realized that numbers do not necessarily indicate success. Instead, I have learned that it comes down to the population you’re working with. Sport teams and bigger clubs need a structure in order to revaluate the long term adaptation process, but with the general public this can change. Working with the general public you spend time working on a day by day basis and constantly changing and adapting to needs. This does not mean you don’t stick to the plan. The plan is just planned around training residuals , movement economy and energy level. In my opinion, the best programming is the one that can adjust to any situation. There are coaches that make the best out of not having sufficient resources but they make it happen. To me, that’s what being a coach should represent.

Change up the scene:

It’s important we pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, but this doesn’t mean it has to be the same design. Obtaining attention and focus on a goal depends on the conscious effort those participating have. We cannot be mindless when we speak to someone. We must learn how to make our presence be felt not just when you’re in the room, but most importantly when you’re not. This means we need to make our existence an experience one cannot duplicate by paying just anybody or doing it by themselves. When you give selflessly, you receive more than you could ever obtain. I like to think of coaching as a wave that hits shore and pulls back with more force than the initial impact.

A lesson from your favorite restaurant:

My favorite pizza spot has the perfect vibe and experience ( minus the 20 minute drive!) Any time I go else where to have a slice of pizza I can never duplicate my experience. When I arrive, I order a cup of red wine and the Quattro Formaggi pizza with Riccota. Nothing special about it. It’s what I like to have. The main reason why I always keep going there is because they always receive me with the upmost respect and attention. They make me feel at home and valued as a customer. This is the same reason why people will continue to seek your attention and your advice. Because you care. You do everything in your power to make sure their experience as an individual is not around doing the most, but doing their best that day.

Bring awareness to themselves by being aware yourself.

A dear friend, Coach Garrish, introduced me to Dr. Bryan Mann’s work. Dr. Mann has a great dissertation article where explains the methods of the Autoregulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise(APRE). The purpose of this design was to increase the weight based off the progress of the athlete. Meaning it auto-regulates the program based on how the athlete is feeling that day. Which brings me to the next topic. Make the days count!

Make the days count. Don’t count the days.

Recognizing that seeking pleasure is intuitive and not systematic, you can limit the optimal experience of a goal by following what’s on paper. Paper does not take into consideration that we will have sick days , long days , sleepless nights, but we must recognize on the their is always a component of life and fitness you can train. Meaning if you’re only focused on one task you don’t allow yourself to enjoy the nature of our genetic programming. When we trust our intuition we become carefree. We should never become a slave to our goal. It would be unfair for us as coaches to limit someone’s mindset by making the progress experience linear. Encourage clients to feel free and feel at flow. Teach the client how to become habitual with their physical and mental conditioning and their ability to execute work will become intuitive.

No change will take place unless we change the way we process our train of thought. We often drift into moments of silence where we meet our conscious self and start to ponder on our self being. Who are we? Where do I stand among time and space? This leads us to how we perceive the world. Our perspective depends on inner harmony. Being able to see the world for what it is and see it for what it could be lies between the way you process the space in between your ears.

Personal records happen when you feel your best. When you can be at the same place at the same time. When you can go underneath that bar and be there physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. You can own the moment. Feeling nothing but flow. A sense of momentary momentum that represents internal control by physical expression.

“Greatness is made up by a lot of little things done right” — Ray Lewis

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