Will the Skin-Tags Really Fall Off?Revitol Skin-Tag Remover Review 2019

Revitol is a skin care brand which needs no introduction to itself. The only mission of Revitol is to provide safe and effective product that help people to treat their skin issues.

This is why the company is dedicated to deliver the highest quality of health and beauty products by investing their time and money in research to innovate products with effective ingredients.

In this article we will be writing a review about the innovative and effective Revitol products which won the hearts of millions of its users.

Revitol also manufactures a skin tag remover. The product is also made of 100% organic ingredients that are mainly topical plant extracts. It is designed to remove all kinds of skin over growths, and leave the skin smooth and without a blemish. Skin tags do not look good on the skin at all, and they can be painful at times.

Revitol claims that their skin tag-remover can get rid of any skin tags quite easily. Skin tags are usually small, dark, overgrowths on the skin. They can be one or up to 100 on one person’s body. Skin tags are quite common, and almost everyone will develop one or a couple in their lifetime. Skin tags are common among middle-aged and overweight adults. Many people tend to feel embarrassed about having skin tags and keep seeking ways to remove them.

How it Works

Revitol claims that their skin tag remover takes only two weeks to start producing some visible results. You can apply the remover on your neck, armpits, chest, face, or even eyelids. Apparently, the Revitol skin tag remover dries the skin tags up, and they end up falling out by themselves.

The remover is a runny liquid that you should apply right on the skin tags. You are supposed to apply two to three drops on it three times a day.

Many people have indicated that they notice results after 6 weeks. Many customer reviews indicate that the skin tags start to shrink and dry up before they finally fall off. It can take up to two months for the skin tags to completely fall off your skin.

The active ingredients in the product do all the work. The skin tags’ roots come off as well, to ensure the tags do not grow again. The process is usually seamless and painless.


You should not use the Revitol skin tag remover if you are pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding. You should not let it get into your eyes either. You have to be very careful while applying it to areas close to the eyes such as the eyelids.

Swallowing the product is harmful to your health as well. In the unfortunate event that you ingest the product, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Where do you Buy Revitol Skin-Tag Remover

The Revitol Skin tag remover is only available on the manufacturer’s official website. It is not on Amazon, which is a bit inconveniencing. Buying from the official site is great though. You get the lowest price possible, and you enjoy any guarantees and customer care services that come with it.

Revitol Skin Tag Remover Pros and Cons


The product can be used on all types of skin
It is a cruelty-free product. Its ingredients are all-natural and have no harsh chemicals
There is no scarring left behind after the skin tags have fallen
Using the product is painless and it does not cause any irritation.


The product is only available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website.

Testimonial for Revitol Skin Tag remover

Here is a review from a customer who has used the Revitol Skin Tag remover before.

Hi, Steve here from Kansas. I had always had of skin tags, but never thought I would have to deal with them someday. I started noticing some tiny growths on my face and neck about six months ago. I initially dismissed them, and though I was probably having an allergic reaction to something. Initially, they were quite few and scattered over my face and neck.

After a month the growths had multiplied, and they had grown bigger. They were now bigger, and I looked as if I had a terrible skin condition. I sought the help of a dermatologist, and he told me they were merely skin tags. He recommended that I purchase the Revitol Skin tag remover.

I have been applying the remover religiously for three months now, and the skin tags are falling off. They started shrinking and drying off, although at the time my skin felt dry and cracked. The skin tags are falling off one after another, and my skin is getting back to normal. I am quite excited about it.

They offer a free bottle offer, if you still worry about the price and effect

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