How to shape the legs while sitting – Krystan Lin’luna

1. Correct your ankles and calves and lower legs by lifting the heel movements.
Sit upright, the back is straight, and the feet are flat on the front.
Lift the heel and let your toes rest against the ground. Hold for a few seconds and lower your heel. Repeat.
You can add weight to your knees, such as a stack of books, magazines, heavy folders, or other items to increase strength.
If this exercise is simple for you, increase the repetition rate or increase the weight.

2. You can also carry the above movement upside down, that is, lift your toes. Place the heel on the ground, lift your toes, lower your toes, and repeat.

3. Correct the thigh leg shape by stretching.
Sit straight on the chair and extend your legs forward. Keep stretching for a few seconds, relax and repeat.
If you practice this in a theater, auditorium, public transport, or other location where you can hook your foot in front of the seat, you can hook your legs on the front chair, stretch the legs, and increase the strength.

4. Add a few small steps to increase the strength of the stretched leg.
Sit on the side of the chair, bend one leg and stretch the other leg. Use the stretched legs to circle 3–5 times in the same direction in the air, rest, change legs, and circle the opposite direction with the original resting legs 3–5 times, and then alternate.
Sit in the same position, bend one leg, stretch the toes of the extended legs, and use the toes to write English letters on the ground. After one leg is completed, rest, and then change the other leg and alternate.

5. Give strength and shape to the inside of the thigh.
Sit in a chair, put your legs on the ground, put a pillow, a towel, a sweater or something similar between your feet.
With two feet on the ground, you can also clamp your legs at the same time to increase the difficulty.
You can also clip the item in the middle of your knee and repeat the action of clamping and lifting. Increase the difficulty by increasing the number of times as you adapt to this action.

6. Increase leg strength by lifting the knee and shape the back of the thigh.
Sitting on a chair with your feet hanging down. Lift the knees of one leg as high as possible and at the same time stretch your toes. Put down the rest, alternate 5–10 times, then change the other leg.

7. You can also do some more intense training to diversify your movements.
Sitting on the edge of the chair to do kicking exercises. Try to kick out one leg and try to raise it as much as possible. You can balance the sides of the chair with your hands. Do 5–10 times for each leg and alternate.
Extend the legs completely, do the action of crossing the legs and loosen them. Do not put the legs down while crossing one leg to the other. Increase the difficulty by increasing the frequency of intersections.
It is also the above-mentioned cross-leg movement, this time placing the two feet on the ground instead of in the air. This is the sitting cross leg movement.

  • Studies have shown that these small exercises on the chair can not only help you shape, increase muscle strength, but also promote blood circulation and reduce muscle pain. In addition to the leg exercises we mentioned above, you can also practice in other parts of the body.
  • These little exercises are now more and more popular. Because they are easy to do, they can be done anywhere, as long as you take a few minutes. People around you won’t even notice that you are exercising.

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