How to buy a Good Electric Massage Chair in a $4K Budget?

It is always good to have access to a massage chair, as it comes in with several benefits, including freeing us from taking appointments or going to a spa. This one investment will save you from spending a lot of bucks every time you feel like having a message. Massage chair allows you to integrate massage regularly from the ease of your home. These chairs reduce stress and anxiety while increasing productivity and alertness, which will eventually lead to good health if one has regular access. Having a massage chair will enable a person to use it more often, which will, in turn, result in the mood improvement, better sleep, improvement in cardiovascular health, reduction in blood pressure and heart rate in hypertensive people, and managing to lower back pain. Also, access to regular massages will lessen headaches, allows the person to be more mobile and also boost immunity.

If you are the kind of person who is in the choosing process of massage chairs and your budget is maximum $4000, then you should definitely give these massage chair models a read. For more information on these massage chairs visit Titan Chair.

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Ogawa Touch 3D

Price: $3,999

In this price range, the Ogawa Touch 3D is one of the most preferred massage chairs for the year 2017. The Touch 3D massage chair has the cutting-edge in massage technology with up-to-date equipment’s installed. Well, the Ogawa Touch massage chair 3D customs a Japanese two-head roller device that is more accurate and specific while providing you with a more exhaustive massage, as well as double sensing body scan that catches that exact curve of every user as well as their height. An additional feature that makes the Touch 3D unique is the touchscreen tablet that let you to steer your massage chair with comfort. These two elements alone make Ogawa Touch 3D one of the finest on the market today.

The strongest features offered by Ogawa Touch 3D are:

· The unbelievable number of choices given for different types of massages.

· A remarkable collection of healing benefits, including lumbar heat, outstanding body stretching and deep tissue massage.

· A relaxing air massage

· An exceptional calf and foot massage

If you’re searching for a high-end 3D massage chair with all the features, that too at a fantastic price, then check out the Ogawa Touch 3D.

Infinity IT-8500

Price: $3,295

The Infinity IT-8500 remains to be one record-breaking massage chair from Infinity and is one of the people’s top picks for the best deep tissue massage chair. The Infinity IT-8500 can give you a deep massage through your entire spine and delivers you a great, relaxing, and muscle soothing neck and shoulder massage. It comes with one of the greatest stretching programs installed in any massage chair, which is a full body stretching program that decompresses the spine and gives an amazing feeling! It also has kneading foot rollers situated deep inside, seat sway, and a music system to keep you entertained. The Infinity IT-8500 is a pretty old model, but it still is a great option for anyone searching for the best deep tissue massage chair with a remarkable stretch program. Moreover, it comes with a free 3-year labor and parts warranty provided by Infinity.

Inner Balance Jin

Price: $3,699

The Inner Balance Jin is the latest release from IB Wellness, which is one of the leading wellness business in the world. The Inner Balance Jin has rapidly become one of the quickest selling L-Track massage chairs and is faultless for almost anyone. It has an L-Track that is extensive than most other models available in this price range and can massage till the top of your thighs, which is brilliant for sciatica. The Inner Balance Jin also has some outstanding features which include multi-zone heat for your back, calves, and arms, as well as kneading rollers to relax your calf and feet. There are also modifiable shoulder airbags that can be altered for users 5’ to 6’5”, so it is admirable for all types of users. This is the true chair that does almost everything you want it to, with exceptional features and a realistic cost. Lastly, the Inner Balance Jin covers their Massage Chair with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Ogawa Active L

Price: $3,299

The Ogawa Active L has become one of the most popular L-Track massage chairs for people to buy and for a respectable reason, as the Ogawa Active L is a high-quality model from Ogawa one of the prominent massage chair productions in the world. The Ogawa Active L offers you with a more in-depth, relaxing, and muscle-soothing massage along with an easy to use touch-screen tablet that everybody loves. The Ogawa Active L gives you a deep massage from the top of your neck to the hamstring through the rollers. Getting a massage in this specific area is relaxing for your hip and lower back. The Ogawa Active L is seamless for just about anybody looking for a new massage chair that gives them an exceptional massage experience while promoting total body wellness. Uniting the human touch and smooth massage with the luxury of air compression, heat therapy, zero gravity, foot rollers, sound system along with Bluetooth, color light therapy, the Ogawa Active L has all you need and more.

Inada Flex 3

Price: $4,000

Are you in search of a chair for your posture alteration process that also comes with extraordinary body stretching? Well, you might just have found it! The Inada Flex 3D is one of the finest and the best massage chairs for that as it was intended in discussion with one of the leading Japanese stretching trainers, and this demonstrates the several stretching programs provided by the Inada Flex 3 to select. All the programs are aimed to help reestablish the natural s-curve of your spine that improves both posture and flexibility of your body. The Inada Flex also uses 3D rollers to give you a more detailed message, as well as full body air compression that provides an extremely relaxing massage. This chair is one of the few massage chair models that are 100% made in Japan and has a very superior build that Inada is known for. The Inada Flex 3 massage chair is flawless for anyone looking for a massage chair that centers on stretching and posture.

Kiwami 4D-970–100% Made in Japan

Price: $3,999

If you desire a top quality Japanese massage in an amazing price, then go no further, as the Kiwami 4D is the massage chair that you always needed. The Kiwami 4D-970 is one of the finest, as it is 100% made in Japan, and is almost the same chair as the most-selling Fujiiryoki brand, as well as the Osaki Japan models. The Kiwami 4D is designed in such a way that it conveys you all of the advantages of Japanese massage chairs. The Kiwami 4D comes with the all-new 4D-2 ball massage feature that is solely engineered to deliver the most human-like massage. The rollers installed in Kiwami 4D are smooth and move like human hands, and can adjust up to 4” into the body and provide you with one of the best deep tissues massage on any massage chair. It also teams up with the 3D point navigation system, the Kiwami 4D also offers you one of the best massages from any chair on the market.

Hopefully, this article will aid you in your choice for buying a good electric massage chair. Make sure to give your feedback.

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