What is the Most Effective Weight Training Program to Gain Muscle

What element would the most effective Anadrole Review weight training program to gain muscle have The best way to answer this question is to figure out another question. What is the most powerful thing we possess. Answer Our mind…

A relatively new area in science called psychophysiology is based around how the mind effects the body. For example, a study in 1998 revealed that a sample of people were able to make their muscles 16% stronger in 2 months simply by “thinking” about an exercise. How is that possible What the mind envisions can manifest our body. This is no secret, but is rarely applied.

If this is true, then the most effective weight training program to gain muscle would need to incorporate this power. The power of visualization. When a muscle is worked out, the mind needs to know why you are putting stress on the muscle. This is what makes the difference between a power lifter and a bodybuilder. A power lifter does whatever it takes to lift that weight, where as a bodybuilder tells his or her mind that they want their muscles to grow.

When the mind knows the reason behind an action it is more efficient at producing the result. Give your mind a reason to initiate the muscle building process. Visualize your muscles getting bigger before you perform a workout. This gives direct communication to your mind and allows your mind to know what the purpose is. A program that incorporates this element could very well be the most effective weight training program to gain muscle period.

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