The Importance Of Physical Fitness As Well As For Emotional Fitness For Women In Hindi

The Importance Of Physical Fitness As Well As For Emotional Fitness For Women In Hindi

Aaj — kal women’s apni shaaririk fitness ko lekar kaafi sachet ho gayii hain iske liye exercise, yog, gyming , daiting sb kuchh krr rahii hain. lekin vo is baat ko ignore krr detii hain ki shaaririk roop se fit rehne ke saath hi maansik roop se fit rehna bhi kafi jaroorii hai. agar aap emotionally fit nahin hongii to chidchidaapan, udaasi, krodh jaisi bhaavnayein haavi hone lgtii hai. nakaaraatmak bhaavnayen aapko kaabu mein lene lgti hain. Bahot baar inke gambhir parinaam bhi ho skte hain. isliye shaaririk roop se fit rehne ke saath hi bhaavnaatmak roop se bhi fit rehne ka prayaas krna jaroori hai. Aaiye aapko bataate hain bhaavnaatmak roop se fit rehne ke tips .

Khud Ko Paryaapt Samay Dein
 Women’s parivaar aur baahar ki responsibility mein itni busy ho jaati hain ki unke paas khud ke liye samay hi nahin rehta. Husband aur bachchon ki jaroorton ka dhyaan rakhate — rakhate apni khud ki jarooraton ko vo jaan bhi nahin paatiin. isii vajah se bahot baar nakaaraatmak bhaavnayein aane lgtii hai. iske liye jaroori hai aap dinbhar mein kam se kam aadha ghanta khud ke liye nikaalen. is aadhe ghante mein apne man ka kuchh aisa kaam krne ki koshish karen jo aapko khushi de .

Khulkrr Apni Baat Rakhein
 Women’s ke saath ek badi samsya yah hai ki vo khud ko abhivyakt nahin krti. kisi bhi dukh ko women’s mann mein dabaa leti hain. apni bhaavnaon ko chhipaayen rakhane se vo bheetar hi bheetar ghutatii rehti hain. isse bachane ke liye apni khushi, dukh sab kuchh bataayen. baantne se dukh kam hote hain. aur khushiyaan dugunii ho jaati hain. man halka hota hai aur ham behtar mehsoos krte hain .

Doosron Ki Help Karein
 Hamesha sirf apne ghar parivaar ke liye hi nahin sochen. kuchh samay doosron ki madad ke liye bhi nikaale. bachche, bujurgon aur jarooratmandon ke saath samay bitaayen. agrr aap maheene bhar mein bhi kisi ek vyakti ke kuchh kaam aa paayen to isse aap bahut sukoon aur shaanti mehsoos karengiii .

Nature Ke Saath Bitaayen Samay
 Kuchh log sbke beech hokar bhi akelaapann mehsoos krte hain. iski vajah yah hoti hai ki ye log emotionally kamajor hote hain. Bhautik sansaadhan adhik hone ke baad bhi aatmik shaanti nahin miltii. iske liye aap agrr kuchh samay khule maahaul mein prakriti ke saath bitaayen to aapka dimaag sakaaraatmak energy se bhar jaayega. research mein bhi yeh baat saamne aa chuki hai ki dinbhar mein thoda bhi samay prakriti ke saath bitaane se bahut shaanti mehsoos hoti hai aur ham emotionally fit mehsoos krte hain .

Din Mein Kam Se Kam 15 Minute Dhyaan (Meditation) Karein

Women’s ke dimaag mein har samay kuchh na kuchh chalta rehta hai. dimaag shaant nahin rehne ki vajah se hi achchhe se neend aati hai na theek se ek kaam krne mein man lgta. bekaar ke vichaaron ko dimaag mein pravesh se rokne aur concentration badhaane ke liye din bhar mein 15 minute dhyaan jaroor karen. kuchh hi dinon mein aapko sakaaraatmak badlaav mehsoos honge. isse man ko taakat aur energy milegii. aisi women’s jo niymit roop se dhyaan ya meditation krti hain vo praticool paristhitiyon ka bhi saamna aasaani se krr letiii hainnn.

The Importance Of Physical Fitness As Well As For Emotional Fitness For Women In English

Today — women have become quite conscious about their physical fitness, for this, exercises, yoga, gyming, dieting are doing everything. But they ignore the fact that being physically fit and being mentally healthy is also very important. Emotions like irritability, sadness, anger are beginning to dominate if you are not emotionally fit. Negative emotions begin to control you. Many times they may have serious consequences. Therefore, it is important to be emotionally fit to stay physically fit.
Let’s tell you how to stay emotionally fit.

Give Yourself Enough Time
 Women become so busy in family and outside responsibility that they do not have time for themselves. Keeping in mind the needs of husband and children — he does not even know about his own needs. For this reason many negative emotions arise. It is important for you to remove at least half an hour for yourself. In this half hour, try to do something of your mind that gives pleasure to you .

Open Your Mouth
 One big problem with women is that they do not express themselves. Women are pressured into any misery. Keeping his feelings hidden, he kneels in. To avoid this, tell your happiness, sadness and everything. Distribution reduces suffering. And happiness is doubled. The mind is light and we feel better.

Help Others
 Do not always think only for your home family. For some time also help others. Spend time with the children, the elderly and the needy. If you get some work done by a single person throughout the month, then you will feel very relaxed and peaceable.

Spend Time With Nature
 Some people feel loneliness even after all. The reason for this is that these people are emotionally weak. Even after having more physical resources, spiritual peace is not available. For this, if you spend some time with nature in the open environment then your brain will be filled with positive energy. It has also been revealed in research that spending a little time throughout the day with nature means lot of peace and we feel emotionally fit.

Everything goes on in the women’s mind all the time. The mind sleeps well because of not being silent nor does it feel right to do one thing. Do not forget about 15 minutes of meditation throughout the day to prevent useless thoughts from entering the brain and increasing concentration. In a few days you will feel positive change. This will give strength and energy to the mind. Women who regularly meditate or meditate also face adverse conditions easily.

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