“How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years”- Youtube Video Review.

Initial thoughts — 8:00 he sits by a tricep machine to do lat pulldown Awesome.


Really proud of the guy.

For me, the transformation is the most impressive thing.

He turned something he felt awkward about into an asset by improving his weaknesses (his mental game, confidence, physique).

He’s right, being tall is good. But alone it is useless.

Its the combination of tall, muscles, the air of strength he brings when hes in public that makes people attracted to him.

There are lessons all dudes can take from this. Even if your short, there are always other ways to be a killer in life.

I thought about this further.

Being tall is good for ATTRACTING WOMEN because it signals dominance on an initial level, though this isn’t all that dominance comprises of.

However, like he said, for actually building physique, you have to be alot more disciplined in racking up numbers and strength, because short guys can build strength easier (and therefore gains) because of a shorter range of motion. Therefore, shorter guys make EASIER GAINS so can level the playing field alot easier.

Maybe theres a hierachy: (Difficulty alluding to time in the gym, likelihood meaning genetics and chances it can occur in reality)

Tall — maximal muscle (extremely difficult and very unlikely)

Short — maximal muscle (very difficult and unlikely) | Tall — good muscle (very difficult and unlikely)

Short — good muscle (difficult and likely) | Tall — small muscle (easy and unlikely* i.e. being over 6’6 is rare).

Short — small muscle (easy and likely).

So, tall people have it good at the start and the theoretical end, but otherwise short guys (provided they are taller than the girl they are with) have a better time of it in the middle stages.

There are many factors in making an awesome person. Size is defintively something, but alone you may fall short to a master in another area (e.g. communication, fashion, mindset). An awesome man is more than his appearance, hes an all encompassing Superman.

Because most men won’t reach their theoretical maximal level across all areas of life in one moment (because it is literally impossible) you will do well to work on your weaknesses, and then promote your strengths like a cherry on top.

I believe in the theoretical end game for all men is enough for all of them to be successful. The problem isn’t do you have the genetics, its that can you exceed to limited mindset (determinism, learned helplessness) to beat them. Can you fulfill & then EXCEED YOUR POTENTIAL. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW YOUR POTENTIAL! YOU ONLY KNOW BY DOING. YOU GET BETTER AT DOING BY LEARNING. EMBRACE THE COMPLEXITY. YOUR BRAIN IS WHAT HAS ALLOWED HUMANS TO RUN THIS PLANET. DO YOUR SPECIES JUSTICE..

— — —

You know death exists, but not when it will occur. Even Suicide is never 100%. A shotgun to the head may keep you alive for bleedout, jumping of a bridge even as high as the Golden Gate may not work (Kevin Hines). There is no 100%, only 99.9% (AND THATS HUGE FOR MENTALITY).

In the same way, you know you exist, but you don’t know how much of you can really be manifested in the world, or what it really is that’s you. You think you know yourself, but when you put yourself in a new situation, its proven that NEW GENES TURN ON THAT WERE DORMANT IN YOUR DNA. YOU WERE MADE TO ADAPT, IN WAYS YOU CAN NEVER FATHOM UNLESS YOU EXPERIENCE THEM.

100% certainty in anything is a cognitive distortion. This is known as the Certainty effect.

Death is painful, but if you have lived a life worth living, the pain will be small enough that you may even be able to pass away in peace. The good life, is a hard life (so it will feel like a bad life), but it’s a true life (but you are able to live a false life). And life, is.

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