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Hip replacement in India

According to recent data, more than 54 million people are suffering from arthritis which includes men, women, and children.

Arthritis damages the joint which causes severe pain in the joints. It affects our day to day life activity.

If you are also suffering from acute hip pain due to arthritis, damaged hip joint (due to injury, or bone deformity) then consult your doctor and talk about your problem.

Your doctor may suggest you a hip replacement only if other treatment options have failed to give you relief from pain.

According to Clinicspots, reputed medical facilitator thousands of international patients come to India for Hip Replacement.

Why hip replacement Surgery in India?

Hip replacement in India has become a common surgery; more 80,000 hip replacement procedures take place every year in India.

Recently, India has emerged as a favorite destination for medical tourism across the world.

A huge number of people are coming to India to get their treatment done (like hip replacement surgery), because of its large number of private hospitals and competent doctors, who provide excellent treatment at an affordable cost.

If you are traveling to India to get your hip replacement surgery done, then you might save 60–70% of your medical expenses.

Other than cost there are many reasons which attract patients from abroad to get their treatment done in India.

· Hospital– In India, we have a large number of a private hospital with all the latest technology available, therefore competition is very high. Hence treatment in India is affordable than other western countries.

· Doctors– Availability of best orthopedic surgeons who are highly skilled and experienced, and have performed more than 500 successful surgeries.

· Less waiting time– Waiting time in India is generally less, because there is a large number of orthopedic surgeons and technologically advanced hospitals.

· Facility cost– Accommodation and service cost in India is very less. This makes the overall cost of hip replacement surgery highly cost-effective.

· Government norms– Government norms have made it easy for international patients to travel to India to get their treatment done.

Cost of hip replacement surgery in India

Let’s take a look at the cost of hip replacement surgery in India.

However, these costs may vary depending upon factors like:

What is Hip replacement?

Hip replacement is a surgical process in which surgeons will remove your damaged hip joint (ball and socket joint) and replace it with an artificial implant which is often made up of metal/plastic or ceramic components. It is also called as Hip arthroplasty.

Types of hip replacement:

Total hip replacement- Total hip replacement is done when both ball and socket joint of your hip is worn out. The doctor removes the femoral head (ball joint) and acetabulum (socket joint) and replaces it with the prosthetic implant which is generally made from metal/plastic/ceramic components.

Partial hip replacement-Partial hip replacement is performed when only the ball joint of your hip is damaged. It is also known as hemiarthroplasty. In Partial hip replacement, only the femoral head of the thigh bone is removed, and replaced with an artificial implant.

When do you need a Hip Replacement?

If you are suffering from chronic hip pain due to the reasons listed below, then you can go for hip replacement surgery.

· Osteoarthritis

· Rheumatoid arthritis

· Damaged hip joint due to injury/accident

· Bone deformity

· Bone tumor

The material used in Hip replacement:

  1. Metal on metal (MOM): Both ball and socket joint of your hip are replaced by metal. Metal can be a combination of titanium, cobalt-chromium alloys, or cobalt mixed metal.
Fig: metal on metal Implant

2) Metal on polyethylene (MOP): polyethylene is high- quality metal-free plastic. The socket joint or acetabular is generally made of plastic and the femoral head is constructed of metal, which is covered with plastic. When your ball joint is made of metal and socket joint of plastic it is called metal on plastic. MOP is very stable and durable.

Fig: Metal-on-polyethylene Implant

3) Ceramic Implant: Ceramic is a hard and durable material, it wears minimally and has no side effects. The Ceramic implant uses metal parts which fit inside the bone, but ball and socket are made of the ceramic material. Ceramic- on- ceramic (COC) is considered to be more long-lasting as compared to the others.

The ceramic implant is often used in combination with the plastic component, known as ceramic-on –plastic (COP) Implant.

Fig: ceramic implant Implant

The medical test required before Hip replacement surgery:

· Joint aspiration: This test is done to analyze your joint problem. This test might cost you around

· Arthrogram: It is an x-ray image of your joint. Cost of arthrogram is approximately

· MRI Scan: It is a type of scan that uses a large magnet, radio wave, and a computer to produce a detailed image of your hip.

· CAT scan: It is also known as computerized axial tomography. It is a special type of x-ray which gives you a cross-sectional image of your hip joint.

· Bone Densitometry test: This test is done to know the density of your bone.

The risk associated with hip replacement surgery:

· Hip stiffness: Scar tissue may appear around your new hip, which hinders the flexibility and make your hip stiff.

· Blood clots: Blood clot can form in your legs, which can be dangerous because it can travel to your lungs, hearts or your brain.

· Infection: Infection can occur in your incision and deeper in the tissue. It can be treated with antibiotics but in some cases, surgery may be required to remove it.

· Change in leg length: sometimes, the new hip can make one leg longer and other shorter. It can happen due to contracture of hip muscle.

People from the entire globe prefer India for hip replacement, due to it’s pocket-friendly and quality treatment. It has the best hospitals and highly qualified and experienced surgeons for performing hip replacement surgery. For more information ask our experts.

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