Fighting Anxiety Through Fitness

I am not here to write this because I am a fitness expert because I am nowhere near that. If you are looking for a professional to help you get a 6 pack this summer, I suggest you turn around now and look for those answers somewhere else. I started this fitness blog today to hopefully hold my self-accountable towards reaching my goals. ​

Today I am going to talk about my struggles with anxiety and how I believe going to the gym, running, and eliminating certain parts of my diet have helped my overall physical and mental health. Most people don’t like to talk about their battles with anxiety or with depression but here I am telling you that I have struggled with both throughout my life and it feels great to get that out there. Anxiety has prevented me from living out my full potential such as playing sports in high school due to fears of failure, too anxious to get a job as a teenager and then for a while I was even hesitant on getting my license. (I got my license at 18, two years after passing drivers ed). But seven years later, here I am at 25, going to college, home owner, getting married, and of course I am part of this great adventure that we call Guy Boston Sports. It’s tough for a person to be wanting to be the center of attention but it also scares the shit out of him which causes him to often to slide into the corner of the room.

Back in December my buddy said, “let’s start a running club” Well, that lasted about maybe 2 weeks because we live in New England and it started to snow. Soon after the focus shifted towards the gym and I started to notice a difference as each day I could do more and more. I felt stronger, and most importantly I felt more confident. When I used to go into the gym I used to feel like the weakest person in the room and I would often avoid the busy part of the gym, hindering my own success due to a fear of looking like an idiot in front of other people. Now, even though I may not always be the strongest person in the gym physically, mentally I feel much stronger and have no issue walking into the free weight area and doing what I need to do to make myself better.

​Before going to the gym consistently, I used food, or simply just lying on the couch to deal with my anxiety. I didn’t want to do anything about the way I felt. Each time I did that I felt worse and worse. Back in high school I used to go home, grab a FULL bag of cool ranch Doritos and eat the entire thing. That’s how I coped. Fast forward to current time, instead of going home and potentially putting myself in a situation where I am mindlessly eating, I go to the gym and when I leave, I feel GREAT. It gives me so much more energy which is weird because I also can’t feel my legs often when I leave but I know it will all be worth it.

Just one last thing for this blog. I used to drink two sodas every day. Sometimes more on the weekend, so I would end up consuming from 14–20 sodas a week which is not good at all. It used to be a lot worse surprisingly when I used to destroy like 100 oz of Mountain Dew a day at the movie theatre I worked at. I decided to quit soda cold turkey on April 18th of this year I have not had one since. That alone has contributed to me losing some more weight and just makes me feel better overall replacing soda with water. If you still drink soda or energy drinks, I plead that you stop drinking it! Or at least cut down your intake considerably. Like I said, I am no expert, but give it a shot.

Don’t run from your problems, run to solve your problems.

Thanks for reading!

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