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An awful problem in today’s medicine.

It seems disease has degrees or echelons, and if you have one Good World, the Bad World seeps in. Loudly, at first. And then insidiously.

Isn’t that last part the hardest to treat? The most insidious.

Think of the Old World and the New World.

The very last little bit phoned home beyond national lines, to the depths of the horrors of Western Culture, places Popes dare not venture:

Hey! Washington was just a bumpkin! All we need to win is just some country bumpkin! Go get “whoever” from that beer hall!

So much of ethics in medicine today relies on that. As if we have to self-censor not medicine from the world. But the world from medicine.

Who really wants to be the last person to die from cancer? Or you die on Saturday, and cancer is cured Sunday.

Who wants to live in a world like that?

How do you know the world today is what it seems? New discoveries occur daily. Have we covered all our bases? Are we ignorant to danger, or is there some deliberate malevolence we must live with yet mitigate?

Wouldn’t nature have evolved to such a point that things that may be immortal today are not immortal tomorrow just because no one likes them?

One may not be able to change the past, but they can change their sails!

Doesn’t the new M87 data sort of give us a “thermal record”, like tree rings, however with our gravitational field?

Could we interface with that, if we get really really good, and do “relative spectroscopy” off that?

Like we could build a genome off of someone’s looks, and then make sure that genome “resolves” to the M87 data?

If we could do that to looks, how about a living human?

Like, just put me in an MRI, or PET, something, I don’t know, and just “tune” my genome to what it was yesterday?

What happens with that?

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