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Exercise is a subject which divides people into doers and avoiders. The benefits of exercise are well documented and it is worth giving space to remind ourselves of what these are.

Exercise firstly has an effect on the mind and mood is generally improved by exercise.It can help relieve depression and anxiety and the release of powerful hormones into the brain from exercising produce a feeling of well being and cheerfulness as well as a positive outlook. Contrariwise people who stop exercising for a while experience the increase of negativity in their feelings.

Exercising helps the body lose weight and tones the body whilst doing this.While reducing calories can lower the metabolic rate,exercise increases it and allows more calories to be burned as a result. If one combines aerobic exercise with resistance training then this affords the maximum conditions for weightloss.

Exercise is shown to promote strong bones and muscle and obviously if one does not exercise the muscles grow weak which can have disastrous effects on the body.This becomes increasingly important as one grows older.

Exercise also affords the person higher energy levels overall.In cases of debilating conditions regular exercise helps to overcome some of the symptoms and in any normal person the mental and physical energy levels are raised significantly.

Obviously the risk of chronic illnesses is increased in those who do not exercise and the risks increase with the less one does.On the other hand regular exercise promotes good health and resisitance to illnesses.The connection is obvious when one considers the increase of belly fat in those who do not exercise properly.

Exercise also improves brain health and mental functon with the increased levels of blood reaching the brain.Along with increased levels of happiness,increased levels of mental function such as mental sharpness,clarity,memory and logical reasoning are tied in with regular exercising.

Regular exercising can help with sleep and resting.The muscles get a work out and therefore are more relaxed and this allows the body to rest naturally and not to feel disturbed. It is also helps reduce pain and stress in the body and shows how much the body’s natural healing mechanisms are stimulated by regular activity.

And of course regular exercise can improve sex drive and performance.Obviously a body well tuned and fit will have better performance than an unfit one.Also erectile disfunction in men is greatly reduced.

So along with heart health,lung health and liver and kidney health as well as the whole endocrine system,there is little reason not to promote the benefits of regular exercise.

The signs are clear that all areas of health concern are adressed and the better functioning of the exercised body make it well worth undertaking for so many advantages. And obviously if this is undertaken in conjuction with the right sort of diet,then the recipe is for a far pleasanter and healthier life.

If you are still not convinced then you are either still fairly young or have a natural level of fitness beyond that which most people have.Some people just do not exercise yet appear to be in okay shape.Or maybe one never hears of their efforts as they disguise them. If you are someone who does not exercise but has been in soemway persuaded by the great benefits detailed above then this piece has done a good job. Being well is precious and should not be squandered for any reason.

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