Why it is now safer to wear your jewellery in the gym

Entrepreneurial millennials are lucky. Yes, we complain that we do not have opportunities like our baby-boomer parents… However, I have managed to found a start-up with a heavy social media presence in < 60 days through using my smart phone and a couple of Apps.

My business idea came to me whilst at the gym. As a recently engaged individual I would do anything to protect my engagement ring. Additionally, I love my watch, and my bracelet, and would do anything to not leave it in a gym-locker that my 6-year old niece can bend open with a spoon.

Most people would say “why don’t you leave it at home” — well I do not want to leave my things at home. I work out in the morning, change and shower at the gym before I go to work, so if I do not take my belongings to the gym, when will I be able to wear them? I bet you this thought is the same for people who go to the gym straight after work.

Essentially, my business idea is simple yet 100% effective on taking out the fear factor. It is a sweatband with a zipper function. The sweatband covers your watch/ bracelet/ digital fitness tracker, whilst the zipper holds your rings.

Double benefit points if you wear a digital fitness tracker. I have seen countless people putting their trackers in to the locker before a work-out… urm excuse me.. I am confused.

Triple benefit points if you place your items in your leggings and have fallen/ done floor work. No more poking or prodding in to your leg with LOCkRBAND!

Take a look at the product: and let me know what you think. I am going to write a series on my journey with this ‘start-up’ and hopefully entertain and provide you with some insight along the way.

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