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If only ageing was all about worrying over wrinkles, crow’s feet and greying hair! Slower metabolism rates are new (and unwanted) friends that to come with the territory that is life in your forties. In layman terms, metabolic rate refers to the rate at which your body processes food into energy. A slower metabolism rate potentially leads to weight-gain because you tend to feel hungry more often which causes you to eat more. Here’s how you can speed up that metabolism up even when all it wants to is to slow down:

One of the main contributing factors to a slowing metabolism is an unhealthy digestive system. Digestive tracts can get clogged when food isn’t properly liquefied and digested — this could be due to not chewing your food fully or not drinking enough water. There are many ways to solve this problem, starting from keeping yourself well-hydrated with ionised water. The food you eat affects your digestive system too. Keep your diet full of enzymes and fibre and eat less oily, processed food or those laden with artificial sweeteners because they’re hard to digest and can irritate your digestive tract. Food aside, supplementing with probiotics can also be good for your digestive system.

  • Try rooibos tea to support detoxing

In addition to the first point, rooibos tea (red tea) is something you can definitely consider adding to your diet. This miracle tea is full of health-boosting anti-oxidants like aspalathin and quercetin, and helps to reduce cholesterol levels and also promotes healthy blood pressure. Concordantly, adding mint to your tea not only makes it more fragrant, but also further promotes digestion.

  • Hot lemon water in the morning

The very first thing you can do when you wake up is to drink a cup of hot water with some lemon in it to kick-start your metabolism in the morning. Also, smoothies are a great addition to your breakfast menu. Pack your blender with fruits and vegetables that are high in fibre (spinach and pineapple go well together), throw in some greek yogurt and spice it up with some fresh ginger, lemon juice and cinnamon to get a really tasty smoothie that’s just bursting with nutrients!

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise

Apart from having an unhealthy digestive system, another possible reason for the decline in metabolic rate as you age is the loss of muscle mass. Focus on gaining and maintaining lean muscle by engaging in strength training. Even simple things like taking walks or climbing the stairs will help you to stay active. When it comes to muscle, you either use it or lose it!

Don’t let a slow metabolism slow you down when you can boost it in a few simple steps. As an added bonus, the tips mentioned above improve overall health too. Any age can be a wonderful age to be, so keep your health golden to enjoy this stage of life to the fullest!


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