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I use intuition, research, and even dreams to help me improve my health and happiness in all aspects of life. Here’s a good example!

I had this reoccurring dream about being bitten by a snake. In each dream I was with some other people (sometimes it was my family, sometimes they were strangers)- and the setting would change. But in each dream, there was this viper with long fangs, slithering about and I was either playing with it or trying to catch it when it bites my arm. There is no pain in the dream, only a call to action that I need to get to the hospital right away… then I wake up.

My dreams are important to me because I believe Spirit speaks to me through my dreams. I have learned over time that reoccurring dreams with a similar theme, person or event tend to mean that the universe is trying to tell me something. So I try to listen.

I’ve had reoccurring dreams about certain people every night for a week before I pay attention and say, “Ok, I should probably call them.” And when I do it turns out they really needed someone to talk to. Nice timing!

Or like when I have dreams about being broken-hearted, and in the dream everywhere I go people turn their back- I’m screaming for help but no one can hear me. In this case, I feel like Spirit was trying to tell me to practice more Self-love and have more compassion for myself. I worked on this and the dreams went away. Pretty cool!

But a dream about being bitten by a snake? I had no clue. I turned to the internet for suggestions. There are so many dream interpretation sites, books, and videos on the internet. I look at a variety of sources and find commonalities that seem reasonable, and go from there. Like this site:

Here they give a number of possible meanings for a snake-bite dream. But which one is for my specific situation? This is where I trust my intuition. I go down the list, reading each one slowly and feel how I respond to them. I’m looking for the idea that resonates most strongly with me. (We’re all different so I believe dream interpretation is just that, it’s an interpretation and can be subjective.)

Pretty quickly, I decided the description that felt most true to me was that the snake-bite is a symbol for a warning. A warning that a situation or behavior in my life is poisonous. So, proceeding as if this is what the dream is all about, what in my life is poisonous? What am I ignoring?

My mental process..

…My romantic relationships? Yes, but it feels more immediate. This road trip I’m on currently? Mmm… not quite. I’m struggling with doing dishes and eating, not… Oh, wait! There it is! Food!…

Freaking food! The bane of my existence. In this moment, while thinking about what in my life is poisonous, it came to me with a clear-cut certainty. The most poisonous behavior I experience on a day to day basis is my attitude towards food. I nodded my head up and down with a smile of satisfaction. “Ok, now I have something to work with.”

I’ve long known I have issues with food, but for it to come to me in a dream?… This must mean it’s damn well bloody important! My subconscious is screaming for me to do something about it.

Me Vs. Food

My fight with food goes back to college I think. That’s when I started to really struggle with being an Empath. Since I’m such a sensitive person, an Empath, I feel and absorb energy more profoundly than most. And when it comes to food, everything I eat seems to change how I feel.

I have been going through a process of trial and error for more years than I care to count, trying to find what foods work the best for my body. What diet am I meant to be on? What foods does my body crave? What will make me feel the best? Tell me the exact foods to eat and I’ll go buy them right now!

When I eat meat I feel sluggish, my skin feels clogged like it can’t breathe and I kinda feel sick and numb throughout. When I eat refined bread or wheat products? Forget about it! I feel so allergic, my skin gets itchy and I want to claw at my face, I’m bloated and my throat is scratchy and my breathing is raspy.

Sugar? This is the worst. I can barely touch the stuff. When I eat sugar, my mood spikes towards the sky, then it plummets down to earth 20 minutes later, crashing hard like a train wreck no one can stop. When my sugar levels are too high or too low, I feel so incredibly tense, like I’m being electrocuted from the inside and my mind reels in confusion and panic. (this is so weird to explain.)

Sugar affects my mood to the point I feel I need professional help. Is it my blood sugar? My insulin? Is it just me? I don’t freaking know, but yesterday I had a few Medjool dates and a banana and later my mood shifted and I had an anxiety attack in my car because I couldn’t find my headphones. Completely off balance. WTF.

If I stick to just veggies, nuts, simple fruits… I feel so light, ungrounded and calorie deficient, like my body is blowing away in the wind, I’m more prone to anxiety issues and tension too. So I turn to heavy junk food at the nearest Wendy’s.

Lately, I’ve developed the bad habit of just flat-out not eating. This, in turn, leads to fatigue and low mood. Then I binge eat junk food, crash hard, fast all the next day, etc.

Anyway, I hate food.

This is where I feel the problem is. Not with what I’m eating primarily, but my attitude towards it. Over the years my relationship with food has become so complicated, so difficult and painful, that I despise every aspect of food. I don’t like grocery shopping, I hate cooking, I hate deciding what to eat. Even the act of eating is something I just try to “Get through.” It’s not something I want to waste my time doing.

After this dream I had, I knew this attitude had to change. Food is such an essential part of our life force. We have to eat to fuel our bodies and minds. My vibration and emotional health can’t improve If I’m not taking care of my body. I have to eat. And I have to eat well.

Telling myself all these negative things about food for so many years has led to a really unhealthy area of my life. If I tell myself negative things about food every day, then everything I eat, and everything associated with food will be negative too. We create our reality and if my mind is telling me everything about food is the worst, then no matter what I do or eat, it will make me feel bad. Progress has to start with my mind.

So, I sat down and wrote some affirmations.

· I love eating

· This food makes me feel so good

· I can feel such great energy in this food

· I feel so alive and uplifted when I eat this

· I am so satisfied and full when I eat this food

· I have so much energy when I eat this food

Next, I imagined my ideal relationship with food. What would my life look like eating foods that honor my body? How do I feel? Where do I go?…

In this visualization I saw myself walking across the parking lot towards my gym, feeling so fantastic and full of energy. I saw that I eat more slowly, paying attention to my food and saying thank you with every bite. I love every bite! This food is amazing and feels so good!

I see myself eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I avoid sugary fruits like bananas and pineapples and stick to berries. I eat lean, organic protein like fish. Nuts, avocadoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, olive oil, big salads, vegetable medleys with fresh fruit and some organic peanut butter.

All these ideas came flooding to me once I changed my thoughts towards food. Food is something we should cherish and love because we put it in our bodies. If we love the food we eat, we show our body we love it too. If your body is happy, the mind can think clearly and the spirit will soar.

I’m not quite sure what specifically I’m going to eat every day from here on out, but I do know every meal will start with a positive mindset.

Thanks universe for the weird snake dream. Looking forward to the next enigmatic vision you send me!

I also believe in signs…

[The day I started to change my attitude towards food, I was driving to the grocery store. I was feeling hungry and overall pretty confident about this new direction I was taking, but also still tense and anxious. As I drove I told myself over and over again, “Just breathe. Just breathe.”

The next song on the radio was one I hadn’t heard before. Breathin’ by Ariana Grande]

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