Flat Abs Routine Getting Perfectly Toned Abs That Will Have Your Friends Shrieking With Envy

Maybe your boyfriend Unlock Your Hip Flexors has the sexiest abs in your neighborhood that could rival that of Hollywood’s stars, he’s got girls shrieking in delight at the sight of his perfectly toned abs, but what about you? Well, you better drop that chocolate you’re eating, get off that couch and start working on a flat abs routine to get equally sexy and have your friends turn green with envy.

The bicycle crunch is one of the most common abs exercises that you can do at home to banish unwanted flab. To do this, find a comfortable spot on the floor then lie on your back. Place your hand behind your ears or neck then curl your upper body while lifting your left leg. When you do this, make sure that your right elbow meets and touches your left knee-like a cross-over of some sort. Do the same thing with your right leg and again with the left, as if you’re pedaling a bicycle. You can do three sets at fifteen counts each or you can add a set or two, depending on your stamina and strength. As time goes by you’ll be able to perform this exercise for longer periods of time.

By doing this simple flat abs routine regularly, you’ll get sexier and leaner abs that will not only remind your boyfriend why you’re his girl in the first place, but also boost your self-esteem. Remember though, you can’t rely on this exercise alone to get the abs you want, healthy eating is also a huge factor in maintaining and getting your flat abs.

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