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Detoxes, also known as ‘detoxification’, is a term that is widely used nowadays.

Natural Detox

It is a process whereby your body is cleansed from the inside and removed from waste.

The way you can detox differs a lot, as does the result.

What is the best way to detox your body in a natural way?

In this article we give you tips on how you can do it at home in a safe way.

Because this does not have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive!

What you need is a well-stocked shopping cart and detoxing can begin!

Why detox?

Every day you are exposed to toxic substances: exhaust gases, pesticides in food and, depending on your diet, refined sugars, e-numbers, trans fats, and so on.

Your liver and kidneys are the organs that cleanse your blood. They convert too many toxic substances into useful substances, or dispose of them.

If you (for example during a vacation) have eaten very badly and drank a lot of alcohol, then your organs have worked overtime to work out all the toxins.

Healthy functioning organs are the best detoxers.

They will do everything in their power to remove the toxic substances.

For example, alcohol is completely broken down in your body by your liver in 3 days.

An excess of carbohydrates and sugars are immediately stored in the form of fat. Your body also gets rid of toxins through your lungs and skin.

However, if your organs have to process too many toxins, they become overloaded.

You can then suffer from fatigue, headache, skin allergies and bowel problems.

You cannot undo the damage by doing a detox once in a while and then happily continue with your eating habits. The damage has already been done.

But you can ensure that you make a new start and bring your body back into balance!

Your immune system is strengthened and the body cells can recover.

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