An Internet Diagnosis can Be More Accurate Than Your Doctor’s

A Suzanne Somers story

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In one of her books, actress/bestselling health writer tells about how severe itching and inability to breathe sent her to the ER one night.

She credits the ER doctors and nurses with saving her life, but was soon butting heads with a doctor who insisted she had breast cancer.

She’s a breast cancer survivor, and had just been cleared by her own personal oncologist two months before all this happened.

The doctor was trying to rush Ms. Somers to surgery for the alleged breast cancer.

One of Somers’s family members looked up the symptoms online.

“Valley fever,” the family member told the doctor.

He completely ignored her.

Valley fever is an uncommon infection caused by a virus that lives in the desert.

If he’d bothered to ask, the doctor would have learned Ms. Somers lived close to the desert and was an avid gardener.

But he didn’t bother to ask.

Somers had to fight the hospital to get more tests. They proved she still no longer had breast cancer again.

But, of course, did have valley fever.

And the doctor refused to even apology.

If a TV star (past her peak, granted, but still someone with many friends and contacts who could easily find a vicious show business lawyer) and bestselling author of health books be treated like that, what hope do the rest of us have?

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