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Welcome to My Blog : A Personal-Life Update

Hello World,

Brian Pickowicz here.
 I tend to write long posts & I have been getting a great deal of encouragement from my fiancé to create a blog. 
 Well, she is usually right & I often tend to agree with her so I thought what the hell?!
 Why not do a life update as my first post on this lovely Memorial Day weekend?

So here is a quick and do a little life update as a lot of thing have been changing.

Part #1: Moving to Dallas

Recently, we moved to Dallas from Los Angeles & I must admit that I’m already feeling much more pleasant.

Leaving LA was a really difficult decision for me to come to.

Because there was no direct reason to leave.

Business is good.

Relationships were blossoming.

We felt like we were finally making LA home.

So, then why did we leave?

It just no longer supported our vision for the next leg of our lives & there were opportunities in Dallas that were untouchable for us elsewhere.

My ego wanted LA.

But, my heart wanted to grow & we saw that in Dallas.

Part #2: Personal Challenges

Now, I want to remove the curtain for a second and have a moment to put this out there.

Right now, I am being challenged by my current level of personal growth.

The next level of my life is within sight, but I’m still at the ceiling of this current level of me.

I am just finding myself embracing a much more exciting vision & I’m just not sure how to build it yet.

When we face resistance to our growth, there always seems to be more challenges thrown in our way.

I believe it’s the universe’s way of testing our dedication & character which is only something you can see when you believe in your own true value.

Right now, I am really investing a great deal of time expanding my knowledge.

The books I’m reading:

1) Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

2)The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

3) Good to Great by Jim Collins

4) Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins

Things I’m obsessed with:

1) Anything to do with The Beatles

2) Functional Strength Training

3) Transcendental Mindfulness

4) Tech Companies

5) World War II

That’s about it for now!

How are you doing?

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