What Not To Eat and Drink to Live a Much More Healthy Life

I’m nearly 49 years old. Now more than ever I am working to live as healthy as possible. I’ve been very conscious of my eating and imbibing habits for the last 27 years.

I am very aware and careful to stay away from foods with high sugars except for a few instances per year. My children’s and wife’s birthday as well Christmas and New Year’s are sometimes cheating days. Many times I don’t eat any cake on my birthday.

How sad you may think. Boo hoo… I’d rather have a delicious salmon or a finely cooked pesto-rubbed turkey (I’ll do a story on my secret recipe soon).

Since I stopped drinking hardly any alcohol at the age of 22 I have had less than 30 total sips of any alcoholic beverage. I went for 12 and a half years without one drink.

The desire to imbibe fled from me and hasn’t returned. You may think, “Well he’s a boring dud. I’ll bet he’s no fun.”

My kids and wife will attest to my kookiness and wild streaks of singing, spur of the moment dancing, crazy singing, and nutty cutting-loose behavior. You don’t need to be high to be zany and enjoy life.

But one doesn’t need an intoxicant to be or have fun. And, I choose forms of meditation to relax.

Meditation has zero tar.

Here is my radical conclusion to live longer and much more healthy. I take no medications. I get sick on occasion but zinc, garlic, unrefined honey, teas, glutamine, and rest usually cure me.

It’s been several years since I’ve seen a doctor but my blood pressure is 120/70 and my resting heartbeat is 72.

My last bloodwork for a work-related physical revealed my cholesterol to be 135. All other indicators showed me to be in a normal, healthy range.

1) Cut out as many sugars as possible.

Eliminate candies, doughnuts, sodas, flavored coffees, and empty high sugar carbs. Get away from refined foods and restaurant foods as much as possible (You never know how much sugar they use to make your food more attractive).

2) Stop drinking alcohol.

3) Stop smoking anything.

4) Be much more active.

Exercise 2 or three times a day(A half hour or more per session). Walking vigorously is exercise. Lift weights. Yoga. Run. Do body weight resistance exercises.

5) Get enough sleep.

This means 7 hours for me every day. It’s a goal I screw up on many times. You may need a little less or a little more but find your optimal range and attempt to get rest. Sleep is vital to health.


Start doing these things when you’re young to reap the benefits later in life. Start doing these things at whatever age you are to reap greater health from now on.

I hope I have offended some of your senses and ways of thinking.

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All information, content, and material of this story is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

Information regarding exercises and supplements is regarding my personal experience. Please consult a qualified physician before considering engaging in any exercise or supplementation.

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