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I was always fit. I grew up a competitive figure skater for sixteen years. My life consisted of skating, off-ice conditioning, etc. When this ended I was nineteen years old and was petrified of becoming fat. I started working out a lot. I took many P.E. credits around my classes in college to stay fit. Soon I realized I really enjoyed this and I went on to become a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Fast forward to 2013. I’m about to turn 38 years old. I was not a runner but was always fit. I did a lot of classes for cardio and loved to strength train. I never ran. In fact I hated running.

One day I was training a client who was a runner. She did both half and full marathons. She would lift weights and come to me for the cross-training. I remember that day so vividly. I kept asking her what it was that she got from running. As she began to describe what sounded like a dream I was intrigued. She made a suggestion that I sign up for an upcoming half marathon. I laughed. I had never even run a 5k. Why would I do that? She sold it, and she sold it well. The Nike Women’s Half marathon was coming to DC in April. It was the first time they were doing this race on the East Coast. Nike and Tiffany were the Sponsors. And not everyone was going to get in. It was a lotto.

I left the gym intrigued. I went to my kickboxing class. One of my friends there (also named Jen) was a runner. I asked her if she had ever thought about running a half marathon. She said,”No way.” Thats too long. I repeated what my client had told me. I told her that I was thinking about it. She didn’t seem excited about it so I thought nothing of it.

Two days later when I showed up at kickboxing she said,”Hey! I signed up for the race. Did you?” Oh my lord, I thought to myself. I wasn’t serious. “No.” She then went on to tell me that I had to sign up. And I said,”What if you don’t get in and I do? Its a lotto.” She replied with,”Then you’ll have to do it.”

I signed up. I prayed that I wouldn’t get in. I got in. So did she. The crazy thing was this. We trained for four months and our schedules didn’t match up so I had to train alone.

How did I let my client talk me into this? I had never even done a 5k. What the hell was I thinking? I knew backing out was not an option. So you know what happened.

I went to work. It was going to be one of the craziest things I had ever done in my life. It was going to be grueling. And it was going to be more rewarding than I ever would’ve imaged.

Stay tuned for more.

I believe in you!

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