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There are many ways to tackle children’s stuttering speech therapy as a parent.

Here are some better ways to understand how stuttering speech therapy works:

Stuttering at a Young Age

It is not super uncommon for stuttering to be an issue at a young age for children. There are warning signs that should be taken into account when diagnosing if the stuttering is actually an issue and if you should use stuttering speech therapy.

  • Family history of stuttering
  • Stuttering starting after 4 years old
  • Inconsistent speech patterns
  • Stuttering continuing longer than 6 months

Response-Contingency Speech Therapy

Giving positive feedback when the child is doing good is the best way to enable speech therapy to work. People are usually results-driven, and this the same even in young children. Stuttering speech therapy is a process, and if the child is having trouble, slow everything down and make sure things are being said correctly. Constructive criticism is crucial in a parent executing stuttering speech therapy. Giving proper feedback when the child misspeaks is the best way to help the child learn.

What About Methods for Older Children?

When using stuttering speech therapy with older children, it has a lot more to do with the mind than it does the speech. It is important that older children know their own stuttering and learns how to catch themselves doing it and use exercises to correct it. Understanding is the best solution for older children doing stuttering speech therapy.

About LA Speech Therapy Solutions:

LA Speech Therapy is a leader when it comes to offering stuttering speech therapy in the greater Los Angeles area. With over 20 years of experience, the LA Speech Therapy team is ready to take on any challenge. You can contact LA Speech Therapy via their website or follow them for updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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